164 I swear, I don't know who they are!!!

But what could that be?? 

Is she threatened?? Or, someone else were threatened and she has to take this risk to save them??

Otherwise she would have sent him indirect hint or something like that. As she didn't do it, it might be because someone were watching her closely. 

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"I immediately wanted to know if anyone related to your lady boss are off the radar." Jasper ordered and he asked Liam to finish the meeting on his behalf and return to the base as soon as possible. 

After giving instructions, Jasper quickly reached the base and by then his men were already present. 

"Sir, Ye Mei is the only person who was not seen since morning. Mr. Zhou Feng is not yet aware of it and neither are others" his men informed. 

"Did you try to track her?" Jasper asked. If his hunch is correct, Ye Mei would have got kidnapped and was been used as bargaining chip to lure his baby girl. 

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