95 I love you Jasper....

"I love you Jasper. I promise you that I will never ever bring this matter ever again. I am sorry" Biyu smiled happily as she wiped her tears off. 

"You should be sorry, you silly. You actually belittled my love for you" Jasper teased as he pinched her cheeks again. He just wants her to stop crying and laugh like she usually does.

"I will never do that, I promise Jas" Biyu smiled lovingly. 

His words truly made her free of all those insecurities and worries. She was at last free of the nightmares that were haunting her. 

Jasper smiled widely as he heard her calling him Jas rather than Jasper. It was how his Eve use to call him. 

He hugged her tight and kissed her forehead again. "We can take this slow all right. We still have our life long to spend with each other, so, there is no need to rush in any aspect.  I just want to be with you Eve…..that is the only thing I wish the most for" Jasper whispered into her ears. 

Biyu couldn't help but sob even more. She is truly lucky to get such a person. 

"Likewise, Jas. Lets start new from now" Biyu said. "Let's forget about my betrayal to you and everything else that I made us feel sad" she said. 

Jasper smiled in understanding  and kissed her forehead. "Let's start everything new and leave everything else behind" Jasper agreed with her.

"So, from now let's not bring this in the middle of us and cause the unnecessary tensions to worry. Those are unhealthy for our precious relationship" 

"Hmm…. deal!!" Biyu nodded her head vigorously and leaned into his hug. 

It gave her the warmth she was craving since many months. 

"Let's seal this with a kiss" Jasper said and closed in. Biyu closed her eyes in anticipation that he would kiss her on her lips. 

But the kiss landed on her forehead that she couldn't help but pout. 

"I told you that we can take things slowly" Jasper teased her. 

Biyu pouted. "Always a bully!!" she smiled with her eyes brimming with affection. "Slow doesn't mean this slow like a snail" she teased back and sealed their lips. 

Both of them laughed heartily with their overflowing love. 


"Ahh…. even my sister is shameless" Mingyu chuckled. 

Feng smiled at the kissing pair. Though they haven't heard anything the couple talk they are at least aware that everything is sorted out. 

"I am happy for them" Liam wiped his tear away. He is little sad that Linda is dead but he is happier that Biyu is alive. For him, Jasper's happiness matters a lot than anything. 

"Feng, you are the only single bird here" Su Jun teased Zhou Feng. 

Mingyu cleared his throat and Su Ming chuckled. Her husband is not aware that Feng is already having a girlfriend. 

Feng smiled as he remembered about Ye Mei. She might be William Ye's sister but she is different from them. 

"Well I have a girlfriend too" Feng chuckled. 

And even before he can continue, Jasper and Biyu came out of the room making others place their attention on them. 

Biyu and Jasper were holding their hands and their faces are glowing with happiness. The previous heartache and emptiness were nowhere to be seen.

It is like their hearts are at last mended...

"Hi Liam" Biyu chuckled seeing him. She knew that he is even more shocked by everything. At least Jasper got a heads up from Blake…. but for Liam this is totally new. 

And as someone who believe in miracles, Liam didn't feel that surprised to not accept it in real life. 

Liam smiled at her and Jasper. "I am happy for you both. Congrats" Liam came and hugged both of them. 

After that Biyu smiled at her brothers and friends who were seeing at her with happy tears. This is one of the happiest days for them….

At last their little sis is happy...

As Biyu's friends and her brother are already acquainted with Jasper and vice versa, they just exchanged some formal greetings before moving to the living room. 

Jasper ordered his team to abort the searching mission and asked them to go back. After that everyone settled in the living room. 

"What are you guys thinking to do next?" Feng asked as he saw the new couple who are talking among themselves. 

It was Jasper who answered him this time. "Uhmm… Mr. Zhou, we have thought of taking things slow and follow the normal course. There is no rush as we have plenty of time together in our hands" Jasper said as he took Biyu's hand into his. 

Biyu smiled at her brother, and moved closer to Jasper. "We will be starting everything new" she added.  

Feng nodded his head in approval and smiled at Jasper. The whole world knows Jasper as a cold, ruthless business tycoon, but he is so cute and cool by nature. 

For someone like his sister who has more  temper…he is the perfect person. 

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"Well,  Jasper,  you can call me brother just like how Biyu calls me" Feng chuckled. 

"After all, from next week we will be business partners too" Mingyu said. 

As from the next week, Braxton corporations will start it's east side main branch officially in City H, Zhou and Lu corps have already signed some collaborations together. 

Su corps and Ye Corps are still competing for a collaboration. 

"I am looking forward" Jasper laughed.

"So, my brothers and boyfriend will be working together from now. Hmm...what should I do now" Biyu giggled. 

Jasper's heart fluttered as he heard the word 'boyfriend's from Biyu. 

He affectionately patted her head and lovingly said. "You can do whatever you feel like to do" Jasper chuckled. 

"You are after all princess of three big corporations now" Su Jun teased. 

"Hehe…..I know. But I have different plans now." Biyu smiled sinisterly. 

As she got her love back...this is time for face slaps and revenge. 

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