68 I love Evelyn

At evening….

"You look sad" Biyu asked Jasper who is standing at balcony. His eyes are fixated on nothing but a distant spot in the sky. 

"Hmm...I am" Jasper said without any further thoughts. 

"Missing anyone?" She asked. 

Biyu doesn't want to beat around bushes. She just want to know everything soon enough because her guts are telling her that something big is going to happen soon. 

Jasper's heart almost stopped and he looked at Linda with complex emotions. Yes he is missing his Eve. 

And there is nothing to hide. He indeed loved Linda once but it was many years back. It is just that he never gave a thought of moving on in all these years. Even when Eve came into his life….he still thought he love Linda. 

It is because he had it imprinted in his heart. However, after realizing how much he has fallen for Eve, his thoughts and feelings became crystal clear. 

He don't love Linda anymore. It is just a everlasting feeling he got used to…which is no longer there. 

On the day she left him...she shattered their love too. The day she got engaged with another person… she totally disregarded his presence in her life. 

There was nothing between them now. It is just that he couldn't bear to see Linda in such hardships. He is merely helping her as a friend. 

Even Linda is aware of it and he knows that. So, why to hide the things from her….

"Yes. I am missing my love…" Jasper said. 

Biyu's heart started thumping and her emotions heightened. Now she understood why she felt very emotional when she saw him for the first time after waking up from coma.

It is because she herself has feelings for him and that was the reason she is extremely pleased and touched by his actions and everything. 

Right now, her heart is certain. The feelings she felt for him till now are not because of part of Linda's feelings left in her but, because even she care for him and she would have probably liked him too… 

Meanwhile Jasper looked at Linda who is just staring at somewhere…

" I miss the girl I love…Linda. Her name is Evelyn Zhou Biyu. You might have known her too...she is from city H. Moreover, she helped me a lot in finding you" Jasper said. 

"Before I realized my feelings for her, I use to think that I am in still love with you and our love is undying. I was foolish back then and when I found out that you are engaged to William I was so sad. But again…..my angel…Eve helped me with it. She asked me to forgive you because she always thought you had an important reason why you left me"

"I will not ask you about it. Because I am no longer holding on to the bond we shared. But that day when I almost decided to let you go….she asked me to check if you are really happy or not. I don't know how or why…but she always felt that something is not right between you and William. All again, Eve was right." Jasper smiled sadly. 

"If isn't for her….you would have been long dead. Meanwhile I really fell hard and deep for her. Even I don't know when….but I started caring so much about her. But it was too late and before I could even voice out my pure feelings for her…she died" Jasper's eyes teared up. 

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Biyu who heard this is rooted to her place. She is utterly shocked….

Jasper love her!!

They had a history together...

Even her heart is telling her that she love him too….

Her guts were telling her that the accident is somehow connected to both of them. 

Mingyu is right. For everything that happen….there will be a strong reason. May be this is her second chance to love him and redeem something…..

She must get her memories soon….

The silence between them got interrupted when Jasper's mobile started to ring. 

"Excuse me...I have to take this" Jasper excused and walked out. It is his team who are interrogating about Biyu's death. 

Biyu couldn't help but nod her head in heavy thoughts.

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