116 I am William...

"All right. But excuse me for now, I have to use the restroom" William said and rushed. He just saw Linda going to restroom. 

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He at least needs to touch her or else he will perish with the desperation that is filled all over in his mind. 


 Few minutes ago

"Blake, I will be back in few minutes" saying so Biyu was about to stand up but Blake stopped her. 

"I was asked by your boyfriend to follow you everywhere and make sure that you will be safe" Blake said as he prepared to stand up along with her. 

Biyu couldn't help but roll her eyes. However, she is not at all angry because of Jasper's order. 

She understands Jasper the most. So, of course, she is able to understand how worried he is about her security. 

William, his parents, Emma and along with them Jasper's enemies, Austin's people…. they all were in the same page, waiting for their chance to harm her and Jasper.

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