193 I am sorry, Linda.

"My friend, Zhang Leghan knows everything. He will find out if you kill me" William told as fear took control of his body, making him tremble and shiver. 

"He is dead" Jasper answered. 

"My people, they will find out" William choked his blood as he said. 

"My people replaced your people and your people are killed long back" Jasper answered. 

"My parents" William asked, horrified. 

"They were taken care of." Jasper told. 

He lifted his hand and looked at his watch. 

"Probably taken to the jail by now" he added. 

William widened his eyes and his lips trembled. "Wh….why?" he asked, choking his blood. 

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"I couldn't think of possible reason to blame your death on. So, I came up with ideas to expose your and your families illegal activities" Jasper told. 

William frowned. 

"But, there were no evidences" he muttered to himself. 

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