207 I am sorry, Biyu.

"Hi, V" she greeted. Though she could call her Linda she simply doesn't want to.  Mainly infront of Jingyu. 

"Hey, you told you had two good news to share" Biyu reminded her. 

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Both of them have been in touch with each other. 

"Yes, Vero. You told you want to tell something" Feng reminded her. 

Linda and Jingyu smiled at each other before he wrapped his arm around her again.

Linda blushed a little and looked at her friend. "I am two months pregnant" she said and Jingyu kissed the side of her forehead.

Feng and Ye Mei looked at each other in shock but smiled genuinely. 

"Congrats to you both" they said and Ye Mei hugged Linda. 

"I am happy for you, girl. You deserve this happiness after what all has happened on your life" she whispered.

"Thank you Ye Mei. I am at last out of dangers reach so I thought of starting my own family. I was always craving for that and Yang Jingyu agreed" she chuckled.

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