90 I am not dreaming right!!

After half an hour….

Jasper sat still….but on contrary, his mind is full of thoughts and his heart is heavy with sorrow and emptiness. 

It is the same video which Biyu and her friends witnessed few days back. 

She confessed her love for Jasper and at same time she sincerely apologized for what she had done. 

She didn't ask for his forgiveness nor she blamed other people for what happened. 

However, after seeing this video and witnessing her honest and sincere apology, how can he not forgive her?

To be frank, he would have really forgiven her even if she had confessed it earlier itself. 

She is after all the woman he loved and prior to this, she realized her mistake and she honestly gave a thought to redeem it. 

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That was enough for him to accept her apology. He is not as tough and heartless as he is seen. …to be frank, he is actually generous and understanding. But this silly woman sacrificed her precious life over nothing!! 

She thought he will not forgive her and in order to keep him safe she took such a silly and foolish decision. 

She would have simply informed him or other Council people right!! They would have taken care of everything…

Wiping away his tears Jasper buried his face in his arms. 

He is the reason she is dead!! 

Otherwise, they would have been sharing a blissful life together…..

How good will it be if he can travel back through time so that he can put some sense in her silly mind. 

Jasper sighed loudly and closed his eyes in agony. How much should she had loved him…to even sacrifice her own life??

She was aware that she will be targeted if she openly spy on those people…..yet… yet, she did it just for him. 

She was not foolish to do it blindly. She was aware of all the consequences but still she opted to do something that would lead her to the worse of worst…..

At first she thought that she love Austin….so she was ready to do anything for him. Later on, she realized that she have true love with Jasper. 

And for him…..she sacrificed her life itself. 

Jasper couldn't help but love her even more. Forgetting her was one of the hardest things he could ever do….and this incident made him love her even more. 

He is so sure that her place in his heart will always remain unfazed forever. He can't replace her with anyone else…..


After some time, he remembered the main reason of his visit. 

He is here to find out how Linda, Feng and Biyu are related. 

As this computer is the heart of the security systems of the house, Jasper easily opened the footage that was recorded since few months 

But, soon he is bewildered by what he is witnessing now. 

It was dated few days back… 

Evelyn entered the house and then someone closed her mouth using a hand. Jasper recognized him as Biyu's brother. 


Whatever Jasper saw next, was just like a dream for him.

In the video,  Linda is talking about Mingyu's past as if she know him like the back of her hand. 

Like, she is his closest friend…who share every secret with her. 

And, Jasper knows that Mingyu is Biyu's best friend. Then how come Linda knows him this well…when they were not any closer than strangers 

Meanwhile, Feng, cousin brother of Biyu came into the view.  

He couldn't help but ask Linda how she entered the room. As it is heavily secured with a code, she can only enter if she know how to solve it. 

This of course made Jasper suspicious too… 

As per what he know about Linda, she only has adequate knowledge about computers. In no way she would have opened the room...until unless she is his Biyu itself. 

It is because….as someone as pro as himself took so long to open this house. And he succeeded in it just because he has Biyu's personal laptop which gave him some significant hints. 

So…..Did his Biyu really reincarnate??

By the way how she conversed with Mingyu and Feng….it is like she knew them too well. 

Meanwhile, the video progressed….and ...Mingyu asked her a question. A question which even Jasper want to know….

And as expected….what Linda said to Mingyu….it truly made him shocked. 

He asked her if she (Biyu) really reincarnated… because she told every darkest secret of Mingyu which he hadn't shared with anyone else except his best friend….best sister….Zhou Biyu. 

She even said that Mingyu is a gay and he has a lover...

When Jasper did background check on Mingyu he couldn't find all these….!!

As for Mingyu's question about reincarnation, she answered him yes. 

Linda told that she isn't Linda but her name is Zhou Biyu and she reincarnated in Linda's body!!!

Blake's theory is right!!! 

Jasper couldn't agree less. The hints are too obvious to ignore….

Though Jasper anticipated this answer, it is simply too unbelievable. 

"This can't be true! I am not dreaming right?" Jasper muttered to himself. After hearing Blake's theory….Jasper got too deep into it that he sometimes even dreamt about it. 

However, it is something he badly hoped for… .

Yes, he wanted Blake's theory to be real…..he wanted it to be true because he is missing her. But it is too good to be true…..till now. 

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