229 I am not a good person!!

Magnus stared at Jasper for few seconds. 

He initially wanted to deny but, he is eighteen years teen. Of course he loves video games. 

"I am in" Magnus grinned. 

Soon, Jasper and Magnus reached the same island where Scott and Jasper discussed till now. 

"You know what Jason, I just found out something interesting about our family. You will be shocked too" Jasper told. 

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Magnus frowned but nodded his head. 

Jasper led Magnus into the room where Scott has preserved the memories of his second son. 

And, when Magnus saw everything he acted innocent and surprised. 

"Well, this is something I just found out yesterday night. Later I asked your father and then only I got to know about this secret room. You might be wondering for whom your dad has bought all of these." Jasper spoke, looking at Magnus who seems so emotional but hiding it from showing up on his face. 

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