72 I already know that I will die

When Biyu reached her house, by then Feng and Mingyu are already waiting for her. They are actually helping her to restore her computer's erased memory. 

"Why did you make it this so complicated girl? What have you done from this computer that you wanted to erase the memory" Mingyu asked. 

She designed the reinstallation process so complex and tough that it took them weeks to achieve it. 

"Dunno. After I get my memory totally…I will tell you" she rolled her eyes and sat down. 

Feng chuckled. It is still tough to accept that his sister is alive and standing infront of him. She might look different but her attitude, habits and way of talking they are just too same. 

Sometimes, when he feel too tough to accept it he just convince himself that his sister just got a plastic surgery….


"Gotcha" Biyu raised her hands in air and exhaled. 

The progress hit hundred percent and her computer started regaining the erased memory. 

Biyu turned serious and she sat down stiffly. Her heart is thumping erratically against her ribs and her anxiety reached her peaks. 

She started sweating and her breath hitched. Though she reincarnated….her asthma is still haunting her. 

Feng and Mingyu who saw this rubbed her back comfortingly. Feng brought her inhaler whereas Mingyu brought some warm water from the flask. 

As usual….they are caring like always. 

"No matter what we see or get to know…..we will always support you and help you. I know that my sister will never make any mistakes." Feng ruffled her hair. 

"Though she does, she will redeem them" Mingyu caringly said. 

Meanwhile, the windows opened and the first thing they saw is the transformed information from Biyu's personal computer to Austin's. 

The information is about Council… 

As her mobile is also connected to this computer, whatever she messaged Austin and the conversation she had with him….everything is recorded. 

Not only that but her photos she took with Jasper while they went out…everything is there. 

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As soon as she saw some of the photos, some memories flashed in and her heart started growing heavy with unfathomable melancholy. 

She didn't understand why but she started to feel as if someone are choking her to death. At first her conversation with Austin is simple but as it went further it felt rather stressed. 

There is no essence of love in their conversation. It is not at all sweet let alone romantic. 

"Girl, he was pressurizing you there….why were you so dumb" Mingyu scoffed. 

"I always thought that he is up to something" Feng murmured as he scrolled down the conversation. 

Then it came… 

The real part….

She was actually sent to country X by Austin, so she can spy on Jasper!! 

It is too evident that she was helping Austin back then to get information about Council….

"Evelyn Zhou Biyu….what the hell have you done there?" Feng asked very angrily. 

Biyu's brows scrunched and her lips trembled. As she saw the messages and information she passed on to Austin, her head started to hurt. 

"Biyu, why do I feel like you were betraying Jasper back then. It is too evident that you were doing something behind his back" Mingyu said. 

"Fuck!! See this. She even faked an assassination attempt on herself so he can get near to Jasper. What exactly has happened?" Feng cursed 

Meanwhile, Biyu stood calm and devastated. This is far different from what she expected. 

She has betrayed Jasper!! But, he is in love with her!!! 

As she continued thinking, some of the pieces of her memory indeed came back. But she is not totally sure of what happened in those six months. 

All she could draw from this conversation and the photos is that….she has betrayed Jasper first but at last she realized it. 

But she doesn't know what she did to redeem it. 

And…at last, the day before her accident….Biyu recorded the last video and saved it. 

After saving it….she connected the computer's microchip to her pendant chain. 

It works in such a way that, the pendant will detect the heart beat and if the heart beat stops, the pendant will directly send signals to microchip and it will activate the self destruction mode. Thus, the computer will erase it's memory itself. 

"Let's open this video. I think, this can answer our questions" Mingyu said. 

"Hmm...I wonder why Biyu recorded this video and saved it before installing self destruction mode. Did she wanted others to find it out or not?" Feng asked. 

"I think, I recorded it because I already know that I will die. May be I was giving you guys a heads up of what have happened" Biyu said in her faint voice. Anguish is obvious in her eyes..  

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