175 Huge, scary man!!

William clicked his tongue and looked at her with hatred eyes. 

"Aww…..where is that charming smile, you give to girls?? Have you lost your mood to flirt, William??" Biyu asked, mocking him. 

"Or, are you afraid that your new fish will find out about your love bait…Huhhh??" Biyu sarcastically asked as she smirked, intentionally making him lose his cold self. 

As expected, he gritted his teeth and he yanked her wrist harshly. 

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He no longer has that kind, charming façade protecting his hypocritical and lowly face. 

"You would not dare!!" he hissed. 

"Why wouldn't I dare, William?? Do you think I am same like before" Biyu asked as she pulled away her wrist from his grip. 

But he roughly yanked them back, but..  

Biyu who is frustrated, aimed her knees at his crotch and gave a harsh kick. 

A sharp pain jolted his body and he groaned in pain as his hands involuntarily moved here to protect it. 

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