140 How will you feel if Linda is alive??

Looking at her with tender and loving eyes, he sat beside her on the bed. 

Caressing her face, he pecked her forehead. "I will not let anyone take you away from me. Whatever Linda went through in her past, I will not let you suffer because of it. I will be the shield to protect you, my love" he whispered to her with heavy heart and looked intently at her peaceful smile. 

He wants her every time to be happy like this. No matter what happens he vowed to protect her from everything that is pointing towards her. 

He don't know what it is or why she is targeted…..

All he know is that there is a tough and bumpy road ahead of her now. 

He kissed her one last time and took her into his arms before drifting back to sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, Biyu opened her teary eyes. 

His words weighed so heavy in her heart that it moved her. She felt so touched to hear those words from him. 

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