7 His love....

He didn't even spare another glance at Evelyn nor did she.

She just walked to one of the floor to ceiling windows and started staring outside. Her posture totally graceful and elegant.

One will surely think that she might be killing her time by staring out….but she is just looking at the outdoor structure of the house. She is just analyzing the pros and cons of his house construction…

"No Jasper. I will manage...we already had those assassins in the base." Her uncle gratefully rejected.

"No need to burden yourself"

"I just want your help with Evelyn. As I already told you….I need a proper place to keep her safe for some days. In the same time she needs someone to help her get accustomed to council and it's norms" Her uncle explained as he sipped his coffee.

"Hmm…..don't worry uncle. I will ask sister to help her accustom" Jasper said as he sipped his wine.

He don't like any food or drink that consists milk.

"Jean? I think she is busy with her own children and company. Moreover, she just went back to her country." Uncle Jack said.

Evelyn looked at Jasper and rolled her eyes. Why do he badly want to avoid girls from entering his life.

If he don't trust her....then her whole plan will fail. Somehow or other she wanted him to trust her.

Jasper sighed. "Yeah. Don't worry about it…don't disturb sister, I will help your niece" he said and massaged his temples.

Damn his migraine!! It always shows up if he wake up at midnight.

Meanwhile Evelyn saw him in

the reflection of window.

She mentally noted two points in her mind.

1. He is very cautious with girls.

2. Migraine.

"Thanks Jasper. I will leave her here then, I have a flight to catch up with" Uncle Jack smiled and thanked him.

"No problem uncle." Jasper smiled back.

Jack stood up and walked to his niece who is busy in staring out.

"Eve…take care. Call me everyday and eat well. All the best with Council okay" he kissed her forehead and hugged her.

"Hmm…I will uncle. Even you be careful okay…especially with your health" Evelyn smiled genuinely and hugged him before kissing his cheek.

She didn't fake anything and it made Jasper smile a little.

Not a usual leachey, fake women he see everyday...

But that smile evaporated as soon as it bloomed. He remembered something and that was enough to ruin

his mood.


After she gave a send off to her uncle she returned back to the living room where Jasper is still sitting leisurely.

"Uhmm…..*cough*" Evelyn nervously coughed. Why the hell is he avoiding her.

She is his guest for damn sake.

Jasper looked at her with cold eyes and averted his eyes back to his laptop.

"My room" she asked without dragging it any further.

"You have two options too choose your room" Jasper smiled for the first time and even she don't know why he smiled.

"And, they are?" Evelyn asked.

"A room beside mine and a room on upstairs" Jasper said.

He has been analyzing her since she came. Her actions are genuine and she didn't seem to have any bad intentions.

He can't judge if she is really potential person to become council leader or not…but he could tell that she has that attitude and strength.

"A room with good view" Evelyn smiled.

"Then, the room beside mine" he said and stood up. The maids nodded their heads and quickly started shifting her luggage

"Tomorrow, nine am…we will be leaving to council" he said and went back to his room.

Evelyn smiled and sighed.

Can't be just give her an another smile and offer her to show her the room.

"Take me to my room please" she asked one of the maid politely.

The maid hurriedly nodded her head and nervously started walking.

"You seem nervous. Is something wrong" Evelyn asked.

She naturally don't like to ask about others matter but she is here on one purpose.

For that purpose she couldn't help but do this.

Meanwhile, the maid is again shocked but the friendly tone made her smile.

"You are the first girl who is staying in this mansion. Except for Master's sister's and his niece's, no one stayed here…you are the first…so, we are little nervous how to act with you" she smiled.

Evelyn smiled at the maid. But her mind is busy in feeding the information and contemplating the cause for it.

After they reached the floor, Evelyn noticed many doors. But she was only asked to choose between two rooms.

What about all the other rooms?

Why are they locked?

Does he have any secrets hidden inside?

The maid of course understood what she is thinking.

"All this rooms have the photos of a girl whom sir love most. Though she is not in his life now he still loves her. His search for her never stopped.." the maid chuckled.

As the maid is a new one she don't know that talking about her Master's love is strictly prohibited.

Evelyn smirked inwardly.

This maid….she has such a loose mouth.

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She gave a hint of her sir's weakness.

Austin will be very happy...


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