119 His first surprise

"Yep, it's me, love." Jas chuckled. Looking at her with love…

"So, can I get to dance with my girl" he asked as he winked. 

"Sure, she is all yours" Biyu laughed and placed her hand into his palm. 

Jasper led Biyu to the dance floor and they started dancing to the slow rhythm of the music. 

"Where is Blake by the way" Biyu asked as she moved her hand to rest it on his chest while Jasper held her by waist. 

"He is dancing with Rachel" Jasper answered as he gently pulled her close to him. 

"Rachel is the blond girl from your team, right? Did she agree to dance with him?" Biyu asked as she giggled. 

"Well, she doesn't know that it is Blake. I told her that to keep an eye on him. So, when he asked for a dance, she accepted. Let's see what would happen" Jasper laughed. 

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Biyu chuckled. "You are such a tease, Jas. Poor him" 

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