43 His feelings for Evelyn....

At morning Biyu woke up when her automatic robot started waking her up. It was designed to give her…. her medicine exactly eight hours after she take her inhaler. 

As the stress took over her, she didn't even remember when she dozed off sitting in the same chair.

Biyu woke up groggily and rubbed her eyes. She wants the previous day to just be a nightmare...she badly wanted it to be a dream rather than real. 

But when she looked around her surroundings…. she sighed. Whatever happened is a bitter truth. 

Waking up...forcing herself Biyu freshened up and took her medicine before her asthma can get any worse. 

She told him that she is going to dinner with William. After that he didn't get any message nor he could track her. 

He is of course worried. William is after all not a gentle man. 

So, when he came back to his penthouse and noticed Biyu's house is still locked up, he panicked. 

He called her but she didn't receive it and after some minutes it got switched off. 


"Where have you been…. I was worried" Jasper asked as soon as she entered his penthouse. He is getting up ready for work. 

Though he is chiding her right now, he is still soft and caring that it made her even more sad. 

If he doesn't care about her why will he call her these many times and get angry. 

It only means that he is really cares about her…. but here she is, helping someone to kill him. 

She couldn't help but hate herself. 

"Eve…are you fine. Why is your eyes and nose so red…? did someone punch you or what" he joked when he saw the girl so gloomy and lifeless. He gently patted her head and turned away to bring some water for her. 

Her melancholic vibes of course affected him….and he couldn't help but worry 

Once again Biyu is deeply moved all again. He is exceptionally caring for her though he doesn't harbor any that type of feelings for her. 

Biyu is so….so heartbroken that she really needed his comfort. She needs his assurance….

Without any other thought she hugged him and started crying. Meanwhile Jasper froze as he felt her hugging him. 

First, he felt little nervous but later all he could do is worry why she is crying. 

"Eve….is everything all right?" he asked as he wiped her tears gently from her face. 

Biyu shook her head NO and sniffled her sob. 

"Girl...you should tell me what's wrong. You look so sick and tired...you are making me worry. Come on…. tell me what made you a cry baby" Jasper gently patted her head and asked affectionately. 

Even his heart started feeling heavy as he saw her like this. 

He doesn't know why but he couldn't see her like this. And these are the same feelings he once felt towards Linda. 

"Jas…. if…if…. someone involuntarily tried to hurt the person they love most and realized their mistakes there after…. but...but if that person is helpless because it was too late…then what shall he or she has to do to redeem their mistakes" Biyu (Evelyn) asked crying even more. 

When Jasper heard her, his eye brows furrowed. Why is she asking this question out of nowhere…?

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So, this is the reason why she is like this…

He looked back at her and couldn't help but think how pure her heart is. 

Just like how his Linda use to be….

"Silly…. if that person who got hurt, really love her back then he or she will understand why that person has to do this…. why she has to do something that might hurt the person they love." 

"It totally depends on the relation between them and how complicated the situation is. But if that person truly wants to redeem the mistake then they must be ready to sacrifice anything to make it right…." Jasper said as he made her sit on the chair. 

However, he never even thought that she will take it to her heart and will be ready to sacrifice anything for him. 

"Thank you, Jas," Biyu smiled. She made up her mind. 

"Just don't apologize. Be happy and smile like always…. you will look good. I don't like seeing a crying Evelyn" he wiped away her last tear and smiled before going in to get her some water. 

Biyu is again deeply moved by his care that she couldn't help but imagine how lucky his girlfriend or fiancée will be. He will surely treat her as a queen. 

But Biyu knows she can't be that person. Though his feelings for her might change but the betrayal she had done to him will always remain…. till she redeems it. 

And till then she can't smile nor be normal. 

"Here…drink this…it's little hot" Jasper gave her a glass of warm water. 

"Thank you, Jas.," Biyu smiled. "I will not cry anymore I promise" she affectionately said. 

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