79 His Biyu..

As Linda is taking care of Alex, Jasper sighed in relief. She just woke up from her coma and is really traumatized by what happened. 

But when she remembered that Liam is still in the enemy's hands, she couldn't help but feel heartbroken. 

"How can this happen, Jasper? The place where we were heading to was one of the safe houses of the council. How did they find the location??" Alex asked as her eyes brimmed with tears. 

"I didn't expect this. The white shadows….they attacked us right in the heart of our one of the main branch" she clutched her blanket tightly as she fumed with anger. 

"Now I don't even know how Liam is? Is he alive or not…?." Alex couldn't help sniffle her sobs. 

Meanwhile, Jasper is really agonized by her plight. She is no less than his younger sister. 

He cares for Alexandra a lot and seeing her like  this made his blood boil with rage. 

"Alex, Liam will be fine. He is not easy to handle and you know that.  Please don't take pressure….your condition isn't good after what you faced" Jasper comforted Alex as he sat beside her and hugged her. 

"How can I Jas? The enemies are no ordinary too. We can't predict" Alex panicked. 

"Please Al…. I can't see you like this. Whoever did this to us….I will not leave them alone and I promise you that I will get Liam back….safe and sound" Jasper promised as he patted her back. 

Alex nodded her head and leaned on his shoulder before closing her eyes. Jasper sighed and kissed her forehead….his eyes burning with anger and determination. 

His people are his bottom line and someone dared to cross it. Now, the devil inside him is awake...waiting for the blood to be shed. 

Meanwhile, Biyu who is sitting across them was the one who is more agonized than them. She has listened to everything they spoke and it made her restless. 

The location of that safe house and sub-branch…..she had given it to Austin before her death. 

But she destroyed it. She is adamant about that. 

Then, how did this happen…??

Was the information not destroyed… 

If that is the case, isn't she the reason for all this mess her friends are facing now… 

Biyu sighed inside….thinking that she has to do something. Help them.

Soon, Alex fell asleep and Jasper moved her head from his shoulder to pillow. Tucking her to sleep like an elder brother he stood up. 

"Linda, can I have a word with you," he asked as he gestured her to come outside. 

Biyu couldn't do anything but follow him out. 

But her love instincts made her more concerned about Jasper. She felt like he is hiding something from everyone. 

And, he looked rather depressed. 

"You look upset. What happened? Is everything fine?" she couldn't help but ask concernedly. 

Meanwhile, Jasper is flabbergasted again by her understanding levels. 

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He didn't expect Linda to understand his innermost feelings this accurately. This again made him remember his Biyu. 

She had always helped him at his lowest. Supported him when he needed her most. She has seen him vulnerable and weak. 

So, if there is someone who can understand him this well besides his sister ….it is Biyu. 

His heart softened and he gently looked at Linda. "It's nothing. Just take care of  Alex, please. And don't let her out of the bed" Jasper said and went upstairs. 

"He looks strange" Biyu muttered herself and turned around only to look at Jasper's sister…Jean looking at her. 

"He is in his toughest period now. Biyu's death affected him a lot and now another death of his loved ones. I pity my brother" Jean said as she pursed her lips. Sadness is evident in her sea-green eyes. 

Meanwhile, Biyu felt her heart almost stop. Is…is… Liam dead!! 

Even this thought suffocated her…..

"Alex had miscarriage actually. As her pregnancy is in the earliest stage and they didn't expect the baby anytime soon…..no one knows about it, except me and Jasper." Jean told. 

"Don't let Alex know it. It will break her heart…" Jean pursed her lips again and patted Biyu's back beforegoing inside to check on Alex. 

Biyu heaved a long sigh, her heart almost on the verge of breaking down. 


Liam's kidnap…..

All these, aren't they connected to the actions she did in her previous life. 

Isn't it her responsibility to clean the mess. She actually thought she cleaned up everything by destroying information and sacrificing herself. 

But it seems like the game isn't over yet. She might have actually come back to life to finish what she started. 


"So, you are telling me that Liam escaped from enemies but you couldn't find them" Jasper shouted in his mobile. 

"Sir, it is Mr. Liam who turned all his trackers off. He didn't want enemies from other side find out about him." The subordinate submissively replied. 

Jasper couldn't help but slam his hand on the table. Tracking him now will be extremely difficult…..and what if enemies find him out. 

Meanwhile, Biyu wanted to see how things were going….so, she made coffee and entered the room to give to Jasper. 

"Here, drink this. And take your medicines at a time" she told him with genuine concern. 

Somehow this triggered Jasper's soft point again. She so…so sounded like his Biyu. 

"Thank you" Jasper smiled a little and took. He misses Biyu's coffee. 

As he is in his deep thoughts of her, Biyu looked at the file in front of Jasper. As soon as she saw it her head started to hurt. 

The logo of that white shadows….it looked way more similar and some strange memories flooded in to her mind. 

It started hurting her head a lot that she started trembling. 

But she is sure that these were not her memories. She never felt this chill anytime in her life. 

So, were these memories of Linda? 

Did Linda knew anything about this white shadows organization….

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