5 Her master plan..

"Jasper, the most powerful council leader and mysterious tycoon of the country" Her uncle said, his voice full of admiration and respect.

"Interesting" Evelyn chuckled.

"He is cold and aloof but good by heart. He might not talk much or mingle with you....so just adjust a little bit. His house is currently the most protected one and he don't have his family living with him...so...just like you asked no oldies or no children" Her uncle smiled.

"Thank you uncle. You are the best" she hugged him. Her lips curved up into sinister smirk.

But she soon returned to normal as soon as she parted from her uncle.

"Uhmm...uncle...I have some of my personal things still in the room. I want to take them with me....so can I go and bring them" she smiled sweetly just like a angel.

"Sure...sure. Do you want me to come with you?" he asked her.

Evelyn just nodded her head side ways and sprinted inside.

"Still acts like a small child..." Her uncle affectionately chuckled. totally not aware what she did just now.


Meanwhile Evelyn went back to her room. The previous dead body is nowhere to be seen and there are no one inside the room either.

After double checking she closed the door and fished out her encrypted secret mobile.

[Main objective reached. I will be going to his home now]

She messaged.

As soon as it reached the person, it itself got deleted.

But after few seconds another message popped up.

[Are you alright. If you don't mind can I call now]

Evelyn couldn't help but blush as she saw the message. With a happy smile blooming on her beautiful lips she messaged back.

[Yes. No one are there around me right now...feel free to call]

She excitingly messaged back.

Just like before her message got deleted by itself as soon as that person saw her message.

She clutched her mobile and nervously started walking. It's been days she talked to him let alone see him.

Breaking of her thoughts soon her mobile vibrated. It's a private number but Evelyn exactly knows who he is...

Smiling like a fool she quickly swiped it right.

"Biyu" a deep magnetic voice made her breath hitch. Her heart started racing and her breath of course haggard.

"Hey....baby...you fine. Why are you breathing hard" his charming husky voice made her even more nervous.

"Ahh....nothing. It's just that..." she shrugged and he laughed.

His laugh made her almost faint.

"You are distracted, aren't you?" his tone took one eighty degrees turn. It is serious and angry.

"No...Austin. Everything went well." she didn't know what to tell more. Her voice cracked as tears welled up in her eyes.

She becomes so sensitive if he shout at her..

Austin sighed and he talked again. "I am worried about you Biyu, please be careful" he said and ended the call. He didn't even wait for her to complete...

Meanwhile Biyu (Evelyn) sighed.

He is short tempered but he was angry on her just because he love her right?

He is worried about her...that means he care for her?

Just this thoughts are enough for her to make her smile again.

She quickly packed all her stuff and disassembled her encrypted mobile.

After disassembling they just resembled like a small cubes.

Like a small cubes.

Then, she took out a chocolate box and took out some 'so called chocolate cube pieces from it.

She pressed her little finger on one of the edge and the chocolate cube opened. On contrast to how a chocolate should look like it had many tiny transistors and nano chips connected in it.

Then she placed all the six cubes parts she disassembled into the chocolate cubes and closed it

As soon as it closed, it turned back into a chocolate. It is not only a camouflage but also a signal jammer.

If anyone will scan the chocolate box the scanner will not beep or detect anything. So, everyone will think it as a simple chocolate box of a girl who has chocolates mania.

After camouflaging some of her other devices she rushed back to her uncle who is waiting downstairs patiently with all his people.

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The assassins who attacked her are long taken by her uncle people.

She couldn't help but pity them. After all, she is the one responsible for their plight. The attack is her master plan.

She is the reason they attacked on her. She herself asked some of her people to sell the information about the security details to her uncle enemies.

As the enemies are now aware of how to sneak inside the mansion, they attacked her. It freaked out her overprotective uncle...

And just like how she predicted her uncle decided to shift houses.

This is the thing she wanted and for that reason she used this assassin group as her scapegoats.

She killed them but it was fine with her. After all they are not good people either...

One shot two birds...

Coming back to the point....

She wanted to shift houses to Jasper's house and for that she simply manipulated her uncle with some random excuses.

As her uncle pamper her a lot, he of course valued all her choices. Ultimately as she planned she is now going to Jasper's house to live there for at least two months.

Her uncle might have told that he will come back in three weeks but she exactly know how to elongate it to how many months she need.

Yeah.....she is the reason why he got such an emergency work to take care of. She is the one who is behind it.

She simply don't want her uncle to her hurt in her clashes. So this is the only thing she could do.....sending him to overseas.

"We are here sir" the chauffeur politely informed and it is only when she came out of her thoughts and saw the big mansion in front of her.

Who would have thought that this two months with Jasper will change the flow of her thoughts totally....


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