15 Her childhood memories

"Why did you book that restaurant? It is not a big one and moreover it is at outskirts of the city. Including there are chances for a cyclone attack" Jean's husband, Scott asked.

He just came back to home and saw his wife scheming something naughty again.

"Hon…. I want your advice" Jean asked as her eyes twinkled with mischief.

"And, what is that about" Scott chuckled as he hugged his wife from behind and kissed her shoulder.

"Do you think Evelyn and Jasper will make a good pair?" Jean asked as she leaned into his embrace.

Meanwhile Scott is little shocked after listening what his wife asked him. He couldn't help but sigh.

He knew how much it hurts her to see her brother heart broken and alone…..he is after all, her little brother who was very happy and energetic boy back then. But after Linda left him, he started isolating himself from all the feelings that can affect him.

If this continues, he might even stop loving his family and that will be the saddest thing for his wife to bear.

"But you know how he is, Jean. He will never accept another woman to enter his life and this is not the first time we all failed to hook him up with a girl" Scott said as he continued caressing her hair.

Thank god that his little devils are now in their grandparent's house. Otherwise, those three will surely spoil his lovey dovey time with his wife.

"But Scott….I noticed the change in him whenever he talks with Evelyn. He is considerable and tolerant towards her. Though neither of them noticed it, they indeed care for each other….the only thing that is lacking in between them is proper communication. What if they will open up to each other after a nice talk." Jean's eyes are full of hope that her husband didn't had a heart to deny her.

"If it really helps him to move on…..then it is indeed worthy to take a risk." Scott pecked her lips.

"Wifey, don't you think this is my time to have your unwavering attention. We didn't get enough time for each other because of those brats" He pouted.

Jean giggled and hooked her arms around his neck. When they are about to kiss, their elder son, Jason entered the room.

Scott sighed. "Oh, I knew I just felt my headache coming." he drawled making his wife roll her eyes.

"Sleepless night for me again I guess" Scott pouted.

"Yeah dad. Because I am snatching away my mom for today and tomorrow. And my little twins will come back tomorrow" Jason smirked making his father massage his temples.

Later the family of three indulged in their own world. But they wouldn't have predicted that this little date they planned would save Jasper's life.

They wouldn't have expected that this little conversation between them would lead to the wonders in their life.


"Jasper, council's base is that side. Why are we going in opposite way?" Evelyn asked.

Like always she started overthinking this matter. Her mind soon filled up with various thoughts.

What if he found that she is a spy to one of his enemies?

If he really did…. then is he taking somewhere to keep her as captive? Or is he going to kill her?

Wil her Austin come to save her?

Jasper chuckled as he saw her horrified face. "I am not gonna eat you nor I am gonna throw you to sharks. I already told you that we are going to outskirts of city not to the base." he explained.

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Even he doesn't know which restaurant his sister was talking about earlier. As he didn't have any other option so, he decided to listen to his sister.

"Oh" Evelyn pursed her lips. Her face is in deep shade of red because of embarrassment and all she wanted to do now is to dig up a hole and hide in it.

Jasper laughed again as he saw her like that. "Where did you keep your ears back then. It looks like you don't remember anything what I had said you" he mocked her again.

For unknown reason he felt very close and free with her. Even without his consent he started being like himself.... funny, teasing and childish.

Without knowing to each other they started being like their true self without any pretentions nor any false facades to hide their real them.

Though they are not aware of the love that is blossoming between them…. the fate already had plans for them.


"Where did you bring me?" Evelyn asked. Her eyes are already teary.

This small restaurant is one of her childhood memories that she remembers. Her father used to bring her and her mother here. The grandmother and her son from this restaurant are from China and the food they prepare was her mother's favourite.

She looked at the restaurant and then looked at Jasper. She never thought he could be this considerable and sweet. Meanwhile, Jasper just got a text message from his sister and it is only when he got to know how much this restaurant meant for Evelyn.

Now he understood why his sister specifically asked him to take Evelyn to this restaurant itself. His sister is always best….

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