14 He wants to apologize

As it is almost dinner time Jasper came out of his room. He looked at the room that is across the big hall and sighed. Evelyn haven't come out of her room since the morning and it made him guilty.

To be frank, he knows that he is the one who is totally guilty here. He shouldn't have shouted at her like that when she asked him to eat his breakfast.

Moreover, he was the one who promised her that he will take her somewhere at weekend timings. Her uncle asked him for a help and that is to help her to get accustomed to this place.

So, either way he was in fault here. Including this he spoke rudely with her out of frustration. He shouldn't have done that and made her starve like this…. after all, she is his guest.

"Uncle, what about dinner" Jasper asked the butler. Though he directly wanted to ask him about Evelyn…. his ego simply didn't let him do it.

However, the old butler knows his master like a back of his hand. He is seeing Jasper since the day he was born so, he understood what his master is asking.

"Sir, we are preparing the usual dinner. Miss Walker said that she doesn't want anything for dinner and asked us not to disturb her. However, she also asked us to inform you that the files you have asked are already placed on your table in study room" Butler politely said.

Meanwhile, Jasper frowned.

She didn't eat anything since morning and still denied to have dinner. He doesn't know why but he started caring for her genuinely…. though he knew that this is not the same feeling he have for Linda he is at least sure that he cares for her like a friend.

She is not a pretentious woman nor an arrogant one like a high socialite. She is different from other women he came across till now.

She is unique....

In midst of his thinking he subconsciously walked into his study room and noticed the files that are neatly arranged on the table.

He couldn't help but feel awed by her all over again. She completed all the analysis and perfectly pointed out all the errors in it. If she really managed to do this in short span of time, she surely should have got some experience in managing a company.

But again, that made him guilty. This is weekend and she is supposed to be taking some rest or enjoying her day…. but she locked herself in a room and did this boring paper work. This was all his fault….

But what he doesn't know is that, she finished all this work long back and was simply waiting for the right time to pass it to him.

All she did today is nothing but rolling on the bed chatting with her cousin's and friends from China.

However, Jasper who doesn't know this felt extremely guilty and couldn't help but knock her door.


Evelyn is just lying down on the bed while she continued her hacking competition with her cousin from China. They are currently in middle of heated war but the knock disturbed her.

As soon as she heard the knock she frowned but sighed. "Gege….I have to go now. Let's continue this again" Evelyn pouted as she spoke.

The person from other side laughed. "Sure, Biyu. Even your Gege here has companies to run…I just miss you"

"Even I miss you Gege. Don't worry, I will soon come to meet you" saying so Evelyn (Biyu) ended the call.

Totally frustrated because of the interruption, Evelyn stormed to the door and opened it with a loud bang.

Jasper who is waiting outside for five minutes didn't even notice the shocking faces of his house staff. They never thought that they will see a day when their master would wait for a woman outside her door.

"What? Are there any mistakes in the reports?" Evelyn asked totally frustrated.

Meanwhile Jasper is totally flabbergasted by this rude encounter with her. No one has ever dared to talk this rudely with him…. well his sister is an exception.

In the same time, when he is in shock, Evelyn realized that she crossed his line again.

She couldn't help but massage her nape nervously. "Ahh…. sorry. I didn't…."

But she got interrupted when jasper started talking at the same time. "Can I come in?" even he is little nervous. After all, he never entered any other girl's room except for his Linda's.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is momentarily shocked by what she heard. But she quickly regained her composure and stepped aside, giving him a way into her room. "Please" she politely answered.

Thank god that she hid all her gadgets and devices somewhere safe…. otherwise, someone like Jasper will easily see through her façade.

Jasper felt little awkward but he sat down on the edge of her bed. The sofa is occupied by the extra sized teddy bear and her chair beside the bed is filled with her clothes.

"Evelyn, we have to go somewhere. It's urgent and my sister just called me right now. She asked both of us to go there and investigate it. I will be waiting for you downstairs" Jasper said.

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He actually wanted to apologize to her and take her to the best Chinese restaurant in the city. However, asking for forgiveness is not his type.

As his sister called him just a few minutes back to inform him about the booking she did for both of them in a restaurant at outskirts of city, he just used it as an excuse to take her out.

Maybe he will apologize to her after going there. With the tasty food that is being served it might not take much of his effort to pacify her anger.

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