222 He is so suspicious...

Everyone looked at Jean and then Biyu who is nodding her in understanding. 

"Don't worry princess. No one can touch you and our tiny Braxton without crossing us first. You will be safe and we will surely catch that bastard soon" Julian said. 

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"Dad words!!!" Jean chided her father. "There is a tiny Braxton who might be extraordinary enough inside" she joked. 

Biyu and Jasper chuckled at Jean's words and Jasper couldn't help but wrap his arm around Biyu's waist.

Every time, the topic about Biyu's pregnancy is brought up, it made Jasper feel delighted to think that he is becoming father. 

After finishing dinner and getting her gifts, Biyu went back to her room to freshen up. 

Meanwhile, Jasper and other person's went to the study room.

"We have got a lead, Jasper" Scott told as he opened the file in his I pad. 

"After we dug a lot into Martin's past, we found out that his citizenship was once belonged to country X." Scott said. 

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