176 He is so, so cute!!!

William shook his head slightly. However, he felt it as advantage. 

If he doesn't pay Linda back, he will be left with some amount and after marrying Chloe he will have more than enough wealth and power. 

However, he is gonna dump Emma anyway!!

"Deal" he said. 

But he isn't aware that, involving Emma would aggravate the things. 

She is after all working under ADORN which is Biyu's company and including this, the endorsement she is currently working for, is sponsored by Braxton corporations, whose CEO is Jasper. 


Not knowing that his end is too near for his own good, William and his parents entered the VIP ward in which Mei is resting. 

She was in VVIP sector but to avoid suspicion, she is temporarily shifted to VIP ward. 

Feng who was in room earlier, accompanying her through her toughest time, is now sitting in adjacent room monitoring the room of his beloved. 

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