56 He is good person

She should wait patiently till all the memories come back…

After all, as she reincarnated into this body, whatever effect Linda will ultimately effect her too. 

"Linda??" Jasper called again. His voice so tender, so soft and concerned. It deeply moved Biyu. 

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Somehow it triggered something deep in her heart. Suddenly she felt very heavy in her heart but she couldn't comprehend whether those were because of Linda's inner most feelings that were left in the body or if those are her own feelings (Biyu's feelings) 

"Water" Biyu managed to ask. Her throat started hurting a lot that she couldn't ignore it. 

Jasper acted really too fast and warmed the water before helping her to drink. He is really so gentle with her that Biyu wonder why Linda left him.

Something really, really big would have happened…

Otherwise, why will a girl leave a handsome, rich and caring hulk like him. Biyu is really infatuated by him now.. 

"I will call the nurse to help you okay" Jasper said as he noticed that she stopped drinking water and is looking at him with a complex emotions. 

He thought that she is not comfortable with him..

It hurt him but her comfort is more important. She is after all his first love….

"No need Jasper. Just help me" Biyu smiled. 

She couldn't deny that she is impressed by him as per what she saw in Linda's memory. 

He is really good person…

Jasper nodded and helped her…it made him remember Linda when they were in love. She is just like this at that time. 

Smiling every time and sweet. Well, this made him remember Evelyn (Biyu) too… but he soon got distracted when Linda winced lightly. 

"OK now. I will call doctors" Jasper said and stood up. 

"Hmm… Jasper" Biyu called. 

By what she figured it out….he would have helped her all the while when she was in coma. He still looked out for Linda….though she is in love with another person. 

It deeply moved Biyu. 

"Is anything wrong?" Jasper asked tenderly. 

"Hmm…..thanks for everything" she smiled. 

Jasper felt his heart almost tremble with emotions.

He gave a broad smile and nodded his head. "Anything." he said without even thinking. 

Later he remembered that she is not his love for anymore. How could he flirt with her!! 

But he isn't flirting. He just told her that he will look after her. 

 He couldn't help but remember Evelyn again.. 

If she 'is' alive… things would have been different for them… 

When Evelyn is alive...he have loved her more than Linda….but he couldn't realize it. 

He couldn't help but miss her...

Meanwhile Biyu who heard this smiled. It is one of her principle to express their thoughts and feelings without hiding them. 

At the same time, Jean hurried inside. 

She is actually sleeping in her mansion with her husband but after she received the news, she and Scott rushed in. 

Biyu looked at Jean and the memories associated with Jean flashed in her mind. When Linda left him, Jean has just given birth to twins. 

Linda and Jasper use to play with them after the school. 

"How are twins and Jason?" she asked. 

Jean smiled. "Then are good. After you recuperate a little, you can meet them." 

Later Jean and her twin, Jeff checked her vitals and recommended some scans and other stuff before leaving. 

Later, Linda stayed in hospital for few days and later she shifted to the house. As Linda doesn't have any close relative….Jasper insisted that she should stay in his house till she gets well. 

Well, it's not only his house but his sister and brother stays there too. 

At first, he wanted to ask her about William and what have happened that day, when she was thrown into water….but his sister asked him not to pressure her with anything. 

She is still weak and her mental tolerance is not yet to the level. 

As she didn't talk to him about William even he didn't initiate it either. 

But he don't want her to go back to William. He couldn't help but suspect that William is behind her failed murder attempt. 

When they brought her to country D for treatment, Jasper asked his men to investigate what all have happened that day. 

It took them two days to find out where William is. Apparently it seems that William is not aware of the attack that was planned. 

It is because even he was injured that day. Someone have hit him on his head from behind and when he fainted, they throwed him into the car trunk before throwing Linda into water. 

Though they don't know anything exactly…..probably this attack is not related to him. 

But Jasper asked them to stop the investigation abruptly. If it was really someone else than William who have done this...they should be powerful enough to cover up their trails this well. 

According to them, Linda died. So….for now she is safe. He decided to take it slow so that she will not be effected anymore. 

Linda moved to his house in country D and Jasper recruited some personal doctors care takers for her. 

It's been more than one week she woke up from coma, but still she use to sleep half of the day. 

So, he didn't get any chance to talk to her much. But now…..it is weekend and he stayed back in home.  

Meanwhile…..Biyu is actually worried about her grandparents and brother in city H.  She is anxious how they are doing….but she is more worried if she was under the watch of Jasper. 

As health is not that good, he had many people looking out for her. So, she don't want to do something suspicious…

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