31 He felt like he owe her so much

But all of a sudden, Jasper stood up and hugged her.

"Thanks a lot Eve" he said.

He is totally happy and grateful to her. She did really helped him a lot, in his most vulnerable time.

At first he suffered because he couldn't find where his Linda is. Now, by God's grace someone helped him in tracking her but after finding out that she is in love with another person and got engaged to him, Jasper is heart broken and depressed.

Though he don't know the exact reason why she left him, he use to think that she still loves him. And, now he was not sure whether she still love him or not….there might be chances that she is forced into something but at end of the day, it is still the reality that she sacrificed everything for particular person and got engaged to him.

With all those thoughts cascading his brain, his mind stopped functioning and all he could do is drown in his self pity and sorrow. He couldn't comprehend what to do and he almost took the wrong step.

That is to let Linda live with the person she love. As someone who truly loves her, he thought that was the right thing to do. He don't want to be a disturbance or disruption in her life.

He want to remain as a sweet memory…

But after talking to Evelyn (Biyu), she made him think again. Every question she raised in his heart made him realize that he was wrong.

If he really love her, he should make sure she is happy and being loved. It is the right thing a true lover does.

At that time when Evelyn was there with him at his lowest point, he felt he owe her so much. But all again, she helped him with something he might not have possibly managed done.

She gave him a perfect chance to meet Linda again…..it is like she gave him a new hope to get his life back.

After all of what she had done for him, there is nothing it could depict how much he owe to Evelyn.

Meanwhile Evelyn is stunned because of his hug. It made her freeze not because of the shock, but because she strangely felt her body getting heated under his touch.

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Strange emotions filled up her heart and her body reacted in such a way that she never felt like ever in her life before.

Overall, it some how felt good. And to be frank she didn't even felt like this when she was with Austin. His touch never impacted her this much.

She never thought she could feel for Jasper in this way.

But soon, she is brought back to reality when she heard Jasper thanking her using her childhood nickname Eve.

'Eve' is the name her parents use to call her when they were alive. But after their death, she never allowed anyone to call her like that.

But with Jasper it felt different.

It felt good and secured.

But soon her heart started twisting when she thought of backstabbing such a good people like him and his family.

A tear slowly rolled down her cheek and fell on Jasper's shoulder.

It was so fast that she barely remember that special feeling she felt when he hugged her.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Jasper who felt his shirt getting slightly wet…panicked.

He quickly retreated and it is only when he realized that he actually hugged her without her consent.

This made him worry. Did she feel offended because of his touch?

"You called me Eve. That made me remember my parents….that's it." Evelyn (Biyu) said as she wiped out her tear.

Not dwelling up on the same matter, she changed the topic. She don't want to feel guilty by all his sweet actions.

"Jasper, you can join there any time you want. If you want to think about it properly then take your own time and don't worry about how to get close to her. This position in Ye Corps is already fixed for you" Evelyn said.

Jasper is greatly moved all again. But it made him wonder how she managed to do all this in overnight.

"How did you do this? I mean...getting a position as director is not easy. How did you manage this?" Jasper asked as he poured some tea into a glass and giving it to her.

"Well, Ye family and my maternal family are from same city right. They knew each other and actually I was sent to blind date with him once" Evelyn pouted.

Seeing her pout so cutely, Jasper laughed. "So, you didn't like him then?" he asked.

"Nah…..not my type" Evelyn shrugged.

She can tell him everything she knew about William Ye. But that will raise a question how she knew about everything related to him and his relationship with Linda.

Then this will lead him to her secret identity as one of the Mysterious red hacker's. And it will eventually effect her friends Mingyu, Jun and Ming after she betray him and go.

He might leave her alone after how she helped him in everything. Her sin and good will be balanced….that he might let her go but will he be generous enough not to hurt her indirectly?

He is after all known as cold and ruthless person.

And she don't want her innocent friends to suffer because of what she is doing for her lover, Austin.

"So, what did you decide?" Evelyn asked after few minutes.

"Well, I decided to join. And, as I will be in China for few days or at most few months I will start expanding my empire even there too. It will be helpful for me and I can help Linda in whenever she wants" Jasper said.

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