92 He don't want to lose her again...

"I want to go in. Alone" Biyu said as she took long breath again. She is actually holding her breath and that is making her so dizzy because of her asthma. 

Liam could only nod his head and give her a way inside. 

Zhou Feng, Lu Mingyu, Su Jun and Su Ming stayed outside the room along with Liam as they see what's inside through the glass doors.


Inside the room….

As jasper is in his own thoughts, he didn't pay any attention to the commotion outside.  But when Linda entered the room, he couldn't help but snap his head at her direction. 

He somehow felt that she is somewhere near him.

And as soon as Biyu entered the room, she met his deep blue eyes which are staring at her with unfathomable emotions. 

Her heart almost halted and her brain dissented to work anymore. As their eyes met, both had the same type of feelings going through deep within their heart. It just felt too unbelievable for Jasper. For almost that brief second, he could see his Biyu in Linda. 

Meanwhile, Biyu indeed felt the change in his way of looking at her. She could feel the unwavering love and undeniable longing in those heavy blue eyes.

That moment ..nothing mattered to her anymore. Seeing into his eyes and feeling those deep emotions and pure like fire, love…. every moment, every memory they shared together in the little span of their time came back flooding to her. 

She stood there like a statue with her eyes brimmed with tears, her heart was filled with those blissful moments happened before her reincarnation.

Though they haven't shared any type of intimacy, lovers would share, those heart felt and heart-warming moments were enough to gauge the love they shared.

They were really fools to not notice the obviousness of love in their feelings...but now, the love and affection they shared is too, too salient to be ignored.  

If their friendship was this lovely and understanding, how colorful and dreamy will their love be??

As Biyu thought about it her face blushed and she foolishly smiled. But soon she remembered the complication they would face. She is not in her body but Linda's.

Was it really an objection and complication for them??

Meanwhile, Jasper was staring at Linda, who was now almost looking like his Biyu in his eyes. He don't know about others but he can only see his Biyu in her…no one else. It was like he can almost see through her soul. 

Her foolish smile, her fidgeting with her fingers while she is nervous…. everything seems so Biyu for him. 

He was no less than happy. He can confirm that it is Biyu…. his Biyu.  

But how can he face her after knowing that he was the reason she died. 

Will she forgive him??


Meanwhile outside the room…

"I know what my little sis is thinking. Such a silly sis I have got there!!" Feng sighed. 

"I really dunno what Jasper will do now. My bro there is really an emotional person and I have never seen him love someone as much as he loves Biyu. He would be on his emotional peek now…. getting his love back is something he have dreamt of" Liam said. 

"Yeah I can see that. He was really so serious back then when he was investigating about Biyu's death. He was the one who found out that her accident was actually a murder" Mingyu said. 

"He after all used his best team just to look at it. It is too obvious how much he loves her. We are grateful that she found a person like Jasper" Su Ming said. 

"I just hope this reincarnation thing will not stop them for loving each other" Su Jun sighed. 

He was worried only about it because what they will be going through now will be different from any love story in this world.

They can only swim across this if both of them are open minded enough and share a pure love which would dominate all these complications. 

Liam smiled. "I think there is no need to worry about it, I will assure you that because I have seen it with my own eyes. I know how much jasper loves Biyu and how much he missed her back then. Su Jun, you don't know how passionate and emotional Jasper is….so, he would never ever miss his Biyu again. You can trust me in this" 

Meanwhile inside the room….

They were staring at each other for very long time, both of them in their own thoughts and drowning in their own irrational fears. 

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If not because of the computer beep that brought them back to the real world, they would have really stared at each other for the whole night. 

Jasper blinked his eyes as he was brought back from his reverie. He looked at the computer which showed him that it was turning off itself. Sighing a little, he looked back at the woman who is standing at threshold of the door. She seems so out of her world, thinking something. 

Jasper couldn't help but think about what all had happened in country X few days back. Not once, but twice she has saved him from danger. 

And both the times she didn't hesitate to keep herself in the way of danger so that he will be safe. He couldn't help but admire her. He is really in awe with her and her infinite love with him. And even now he can see the love in those grey orbs of her. 

Her pain is obvious and so is her love!!

So, how could he restrain himself from expressing his love for her just because he was the reason for her death? If he stops himself because of this silly reason…. the respect he will be giving to her sacrifices and unconditional love is next to nothing. 

But she deserves more than anything in this world. Her love for him is worthy more than everything combined.

 He should….no, no he must make sure that she is given everything she deserves. 

And, finally with his mind clear of all those dilemmas and his heart free from those confusions and obstacles, Jasper felt his heart lighten and his mind void of all those irrational and narrow clouds of restraint.

With his mind as certain as ever….

He stood up and he started walking slowly to his Biyu…. the love of his life.  

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