136 He attacked her!!!


The commander bowed a little and continued. "He is about to make his way out of the country and that was when Mr. Wayne (Liam) ordered us to capture him" 

"When we were about to take him into our custody he tried to use that pill to kill himself but my  men managed to knock him unconscious so that he would not try to kill himself again" he told. 

Biyu nodded her head and looked inside. He still seems to be unconscious...

"Did he try to harm anyone?" she asked. He was looking harmless and innocent that she couldn't help but ask. 

"No, Ms. Walker. He didn't attempt anything of such kind. He just tried to escape but we were able to capture him" commander said. 

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"Hmm… I see. Commander, when will he come back to consciousness? I want to investigate him" Biyu asked. 

"Right away ma'am. He is under forced unconsciousness" he answered and ordered his men to take away the anesthetic mask from his face. 

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