124 Happy family

He helped Biyu to alight the car and then took her hand into his. "You will like it more than my proposal" he chuckled. 

"No! That isn't true" Biyu instantly protested making Jasper laugh. 

"You will see" he challenged. 

And when she saw what is waiting for her inside, Biyu is totally surprised. 

Her maternal grandparents (Madam and Elder Zhou), her cousin brother Zhou Feng along with Ye Mei are the first persons she saw. 

Next to them is her paternal uncle, Zake Walker and Lu Mingyu. He is here with his boyfriend Stephen. 

Su couple, Liam and Alexandra are also there. Even Blake is present. 

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On the other side of her maternal family, Jasper's father Julian Braxton and his sister Jean, brother in law Scott are sitting. Jasper's brother Jeff and his wife Iris are also there. His elder cousin brother Edward and his wife Danielle are also present along with his other cousin Enrick and his wife Hope. 

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