32 Gradually started falling in love with him.(Unedited)

"Well, I decided to join. And, as I will be in China for few days or at most few months, I will start expanding my empire even there too. It will be helpful for me and I can help Linda whenever she wants"

Evelyn couldn't help but get amazed by his love for Linda. He is also thinking of helping her even if he decides to let her go.

She really felt envious of Linda for first time. Her Austin has never did anything like this for her.

Literally never!!

After seeing the love Jasper has for Linda, she sometimes actually wonder if Austin really love her.

But every time she will be in this dilemma he would some or other how convince her. And after meeting Jasper and seeing how the real love will be, she started differentiate what is fake and what is not.

This always made her confused and this mixed feelings started giving her a headache.

"Evelyn?? Are you still there?" Jasper asked as he waved his hand in front of her eyes.

And it is only when Evelyn cake back to reality.

"Uhh? Yeah, that's a good idea. In this way no one will suspect why you shifted to China all in sudden…..mostly everyone will think that you are expanding the business more deep into China." Evelyn said

Jasper nodded his head.

"Actually, my three companies already had this plans ready on my table but I was reluctant back then. My grandfather use to warn me to be more careful if I really want to set my foot in that country. I think he was talking about the enemies of my family have back then….anyway, I decided Evelyn. Let me inform this to everyone, importantly my sister" Jasper said.

"Hmm…..when will you be leaving to China then." Evelyn asked.

She has to inform that Jasper will be out of the country and he can carry on with his plan to target weakest links of council.

But little she knew that Austin and his boss are targeting Jasper.

"Mostly in the third week from now. I want to make sure everything here in this country will be settled before I start with China." Jasper said.

"Are you not anxious to see Linda? I thought you will fly to city H as soon as you got the news." Evelyn voiced out her thoughts.

"Indeed, I am really anxious to see her. But I have to be cautious too...you don't know how enemies of council are. They will be always waiting like a predators to lash out on Council." Jasper said.

As soon as she heard it she couldn't help but remember Austin. It is exactly what he is doing now…..

And this made her very guilty. Jasper is being so cautious and vigilant while he is protecting council. But he couldn't realize that he is actually having that betrayer just beside him….sipping tea with him.

"The information Council is protecting from those people is very dangerous and confidential that it can create a huge chaos and ruckus. Evelyn, many people try to manipulate one or other one and use them to outrun the council. So, I can't neglect my responsibility just because of my selfish deeds" Jasper sighed.

Evelyn froze.

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A sudden thought made her panic.

Is Austin using her?

No, it can't be. He proposed her almost half year back and by then, she herself doesn't know anything about Council and her father's position in it. Her maternal family never told her and her paternal uncle waited for the right time to reveal it to the her.

And, it was almost two months back, he told her about council, country X and the real power her family actually have.

Moreover, she told Austin about it not too long back. It's not even been a month she revealed her paternal family name and other things.

So, logically he can't be using her. Including this, it is not his mistake either. After all, it was his boss who forced him to ask her for the help.

"As I can't leave my responsibilities I have to ask someone to substitute me. But before this I want to stay in chins for two weeks. After making all the arrangements there, I will come back to here and complete this formalities. After this, I will shift to China" Jasper said.

"Next week? Even I want to come….I miss my grandparents" Evelyn said.

"Sure" Jasper chuckled before going to the balcony to talk with his sister.

Little both would have expected that this two weeks there in China will totally change their lives.

Mostly Evelyn.


After ten days….

"Eve, how am I looking?" Jasper asked as he came out of his room.

They are now in China. And he bought the penthouse in one of the high end and luxurious complex.

His people are now in search for the best mansion and in meanwhile he decided to live in the penthouse which is exactly beside the Evelyn's house.

They are now neighbors….

"Your hairstyle is so similar to your previous one. Linda will find it out that it is you. The one I did earlier was good and perfect." Evelyn (Biyu) said.

In this ten days after the incident, they both became incredibly close to each other. They hanged out a lot and started enjoying their company.

They became too comfortable with each other and it is so deep that they never felt like this even with their lovers.

With Linda….Jasper was so gentle and cautious. As he always thought that she is sensitive he was so, so careful not to hurt her or disappoint her. He use to adjust a lot.

In other hand, Evelyn (Biyu) was never close to Austin. It was just her infatuation and crush on him that made her so desperate to become his girlfriend.

They are not destined but she herself designed her mind to love him….she convinced herself that she is in love with Austin.

But without knowing to her she started falling in love with Jasper. It is not because she wanted to but because they are destined by the fate to be together.

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