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"Giving up so soon, are we?" he challenged. 

Biyu pouted. "Of course,  no." she answered immediately. 

"And, I would go with your preference" she told. 

"But after the party let's go to the island and visit our guests….. William and Zhang Leghan" she told. 

"As you wish, my dear wife. As I said, I am a wife slave at day time" Jasper said kissing her neck in ferocity. 

"But at night time, I will be in charge" he said, starting their exercise all again. 

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As she asked for adventurous and thrilling night, he is all here to give it for her. 

Under the moonlight and passing clouds the intense passion in the room continued for the whole night. 

When the sun is about to bask the sky with its golden light, the newly wedded couple at last fell asleep in total exhaustion yet, full of bliss and content. 

As Biyu decided not to stop by anywhere but they didn't had any other thing to do except for making love and cuddling each other. 

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