214 Going to see Cara

But he knew how much his wife treasures her sister. And, she will surely cry till her heart breaks. This will create suspicion if Martin has his people somehow planted in inner circle of council. 

Jasper thought to this extent but he failed to think of the aspect in which Cara herself could be the mole Martin planted. 

Jasper opened his laptop and started connecting it to the video of Cara's hospital room.

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His hands even shook with concern for his wife.

Biyu felt even more anxious when she saw how Jasper is feeling nervous. 

As soon as the screen got lift, Biyu leaned forward, towards the laptop screen.

However, the second she saw the figure lying on the bed, motionless and probably dead. 


Isn't it her sister??

But the skinnier and sick version of her beloved sister Cara Walker.

"'What happened to her …." Biyu asked her husband as she held her hand right against her mouth from sobbing.

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