28 Going to Country X.

Dinner date!!

With him!!!


That too today....

He is really crossing his limits…

But Biyu smiled apologetically. "Though I want to accept your invitation Mr. Ye, my friends are waiting for me and I have my flight early in the morning tomorrow. I need to rest" she said.

"Oh? That's sad Ms. Zhou. But can I know where you are staying….I mean which country and which city. May be when I will be passing by, I can make a visit" William Ye asked.

His intention is too obvious.

"No need to stress yourself Mr. Ye. Next week, I will be coming so I will surely inform you when I am free" Biyu said.

William Ye smirked. It will be even more convenient for him. He can come up with a plan to make her…..his.

"Sure Ms. Zhou. And, tell your friend that his director post will be waiting for him. I saw his qualifications just now and they are really beyond extraordinary. So, convincing the board members will not be difficult for me" he said, totally drowning in staring at her beauty.

"Well, then I will take a leave. You might have come here with someone and they probably would be waiting for you" Biyu intentionally said.

William Ye froze for a partial second but smiled widely. "Nah….I am still single Ms. Zhou" he said.

Biyu felt like to kick him in his baby generating machine so he could never cheat a girl ever again.

But she knew that Jasper will do it. If he thinks it is just a matter of seconds for him. According to what she know about him….she is sure, Jasper will never do it.

He will make Linda herself to take the revenge….so, who is she to interfere in their matter.

But little she would have expected that she will be the one who will take revenge for Linda.


"Mission accomplished?" Su Jun asked as soon as he saw her returning back to the private booth.

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"Done" Biyu grinned.

"Girl, you are something. How did you predict that this will happen….everything is so perfect" Su Ming shook her head.

Biyu smiled. "I didn't predict. I created the situations and played it according to my convenience"

"So, what's your plan right now?" Mingyu asked.

"Simple….I will fly back to country X. Let Jasper know about this and wait for him to approach me for the help. Then, I will give him this joining letter and ask him to go to Ye Corporations" Biyu said.

"Biyu...Jasper is the CEO of Braxton private limited. You know how big that company is and how wide it was spread in all the countries. Ye corps cannot even be compared to China's sub branch of his company. Along with this, all his closed ones are as influential as him...this position is something that cannot be compared to his status…..what if he get offended by your idea" Su Ming asked.

"He would never do that. Love is not connected to status nor your pride. It is related to heart…so, if he loves her truly he should be ready to do whatever it takes for him to get back to her" Biyu answered.

If William Ye is a good person and he is truly in love with Linda, Biyu wouldn't have said anything to Jasper.

It will in return hurt him even more and Linda will be torn in between her previous and current love.

As he is a cheater, she didn't even hesitate to use him as her prey.

"All right. Be careful and if you want any help, ask us all right" Su couple said.

They needed to go back to their city. As the week days will usually start from next day, both of them have to prepare for it.

"Even you both. Please enjoy and try to give me godchildren" she pecked both their cheeks.

She is not at all aware that this would be their last time together in her 'Biyu' form.


After returning to country X.

It is almost night as she alighted from her flight.

But Jasper is considerate enough to send her a car.

As soon as she came out of the airport, Jasper's personal driver picked her up and securely sent her back to his villa.

The maids quickly prepared a bath for her and brought all her luggage back to her room. But Jasper didn't come to see her.

And she knew exactly why…

"Where is Jasper?" Evelyn (Biyu) asked one of the maid.

"Sir is in his floor. He didn't come back since evening" the maid informed and Evelyn went up.

He is in the room where Linda's pictures are hung.

"Can I get in?" Evelyn knocked the door. He brought her once to this room and showed her his Linda.

"Sorry, I couldn't pick you up" Jasper said as he stood there, seeing outside.

"It's fine. What happened….you look so troubled" Evelyn asked.

"I got to know where Linda is. Someone anonymous sent me a mail today. Though my team people tried to track him/her, failed. That person skillfully covered his tracks" Jasper said.

Biyu already know this. Because she is the one who sent him a mail….

She would have told by herself but she don't want to use their love for her selfish hope that he would forgive her after she betray him.

"Then why are you sad? You should be happy right.." Evelyn asked.

Though she knew the answer why he was sad.

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