61 Going back to China

Few days passed by and the launching day of ADORN is around the corner. 

Alex, Liam and Linda (Biyu) will be leaving the very next day to China. 

In this occasion, she is invited by both Alex and Liam's family for dinner. 

Alex and Liam's parents are family friends but they don't know the relationship between their children. They only know them as good friends who like to bicker a lot. 

And both are in no hurry to announce it either. If they do, this old people will pester them to give a grandchildren. 

For which….they are not ready yet….

Even Jasper tagged along with them because he is also close to both the families. 

"Aww… see you. How beautiful you became" Alex's mother chuckled as she told Linda. 

"When is she not beautiful Sally" Liam's mother agreed. 

"I want a daughter in law like her" Liam's mother said dreamily. She is suspicious that Alex and her son are dating. In order to make them spill the beans she decided to play with them like this. 

"Aunty, why can't we really hook up Linda and Liam. It will be too good…Linda will become my sister in law" Alex agreed. 

She is not at all jealous. Not at all.. At least she is good at not showing up her feelings outside. 

Liam glared at his girlfriend as if telling her 'Sister in law?? Wait till we go back to our home. I will show you'

Meanwhile Biyu chuckled. From Linda's memory, she remember how well these families use to treat her. 

They really took great care of Linda…

It must be really heart breaking for Linda to leave them….

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"Is Jasper no longer in love with Linda?" Liam's mother whispered to her son. 

They are currently sitting in garden and Jasper is busy talking with old men. 

"He don't love her anymore mom. After she left, all we hoped is for a girl who can help him to move on. But Evelyn came…..she made him fall in love with her but she left him too. After her death, he is even more heart broken that he is in no situation to accept anyone else. He really love Evelyn so much" Liam sighed. 

"Poor him. He always suffer. He lost his mother as soon as he was born and Linda left him….now, it is another girl. I couldn't help but pity him" she pursed her lips. 

"Exactly mom. I can't see him like this either. No, all I feel is that…Evelyn shouldn't have come into his life. If she didn't came, he would be still in love with Linda and everything would have been settled" Liam sighed. 

"Liam….Jasper was once in love with Linda. Now, making him love her again isn't that difficult. If there is anyone who can mend his broken heart….it is Linda" she suggested. 

"Yes mom. Even Alex think the same. As all four of us are going to City H, China....we are thinking of reuniting them" Liam said. 

"Well, I do really hope that it happens. Both of them suffered a lot" she agreed. 


The very next day, they flew back to China. City H might be new for both Alex and Liam....but for Jasper and Biyu, it consists both good and bad memories. 

Biyu might not remember Jasper and their memories but she is at least aware that this six months is something important in her life. 

She just want it back as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, Jasper want to visit Biyu's grave as soon as they land. He just want some peaceful time alone. 

In the past months, when she was with him, she always use to give him suggestions and advises. She is with him at his lowest times and when he was in dilemma. 

So, as soon as these four alighted from the jet….they went to the private residences where they bought a houses for themselves. 

Alex and Liam in one villa, whereas Jasper and Linda got one for each. 

"Why don't you guys just roam around and see city" Linda said to Alex and Liam. 

As they are new to City H….they are yet to be habituated to this new place. 

"Yes, we are about to go actually. Even Alex wanted to visit" Liam said. 

It is early in the morning and Alex is still sleeping. Everyone knows why she is so sleepy. 

"Hmm…..Liam, cover your face all right. You have many fans here" Linda suggested. 

He is top Hollywood actor and many people are crazy about him. 

"I am that famous??" Liam smirked. 

"Yes. You are…so be careful" Linda laughed. 

After Liam and Alexandra went, Jasper decided to visit the grave of Evelyn. 

In meanwhile, Linda is in thought of going to see how her cousin brother and grandparents are… 

She want to make sure that they are fine… 

But before all this, she went to her own grave too….

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