20 Going back to China

After the cyclone subsided, Evelyn and Jasper returned back to the mansion. And the way they mingled with each other is totally changed, that house staff is literally shocked.

Their master is smiling all the time while he conversed with Ms. Walker. And they were chatting all the time during the breakfast unlike the previous day's of her stay.

It is simply a bickering, teasing and random talk yet everyone are flabbergasted to see this shade of their master.

As the house staff was always given a holiday while his sister and niece stay with him, they never saw this version of their boss. So, this is totally new to him.

Meanwhile the Butler was the one who is not that shocked. As he was there since his Jasper's childhood he saw how he was with Linda.

Even at their university times, his master and his girlfriend use to come here every weekend and spend some lovey dovey moments together. Back then, he literally saw how attentive and lovely Jasper can be.

The care he is now showing to Evelyn is not even one by tenth part of his care towards Linda. They were such a cute and lovely couple back then...Jasper was totally smitten to her and so was she.

But to be frank even he is shocked a little because it's been years he saw Jasper like this...smiling and caring.

And this made him happy. At last he could see that his master is moving on rather than spending all his life with memories of his Linda.

But all he could hope is that Evelyn will not break his healing up heart. But little he would have expected what she is actually doing.


In council's base...

"Jasper is looking happy today." Scott(Jean's husband) noted.

"Hmm...I said you so" Jean giggled as she leaned into his arms as Scott pecked her lips.

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Meanwhile everyone are already used to this couple. Though it's been years they married and even have three kids by now, they are still as shameless as ever.

They use to think that Jasper will surpass them because he grew up seeing all his sister's and brother's acting shameless.

But, even before he could start his 'grown up, romantic and shameless' phase his girlfriend vanished and he became like this.

"I hope she will change him back as the Jasper we know. I am already missing his naughty version" Jean said.

Scott chuckled . The naughty version his wife is talking consists of using drones, robots and many other stuff like this to tease all his friends and family.

The Jasper they knew once is like this. A smile never leaving his lips….unlike now… where the smile rarely blossoms on his lips.


After the important meeting, Evelyn directly flew back to China.

As the direct flights were all full, Jasper offered his private jet and she didn't had any option but to accept his kind offer.

In China…

As soon as she alighted the jet she directly went back to her own, secret apartment to freshen up. She should not let anyone know that she is back.

Her maternal side family might come searching for her and it will be difficult for her to go back. They are trying to match her up with someone rich and caring…but she has such a bad reputation.

As not many of them knew the real her….she is famously known as rich, arrogant and spoiled brat of the Zhou family.

But very few of her close ones knows the true her...as notorious hacker and badass fighter with intelligent and cunning brain. But what was the use….her foolish love for Austin will be the death of her.

Her love for him disenabled her from thinking wise and her love-struck heart ceased her from differentiating what is good and what not is.

After freshening up, she didn't waste her time anymore and went directly to the secret base she own with her friends. She should ask them to track Linda.

They are famously known as 'Mystery red hacker's'. There is nothing they couldn't do if it comes to hacking and destroying people's life…and if they want to track any person, it is simply a piece of cake for them.

Soon she entered the five floored building which is actually their base but camouflaged as consultancy…

"Mingyu" she excitedly called the man with spectacles who is standing at the ceiling to floor window.

"Biyu….when did you come? Gosh…..you became thin!!" he exclaimed and hugged her.

"Yeah….yeah. I am good. Now…now….don't suffocate me to death" Biyu(Evelyn) said as she patted his back.

"What are those words girl? Don't ever use those words like 'death' in front of us. We will not let anything happen to our little sister till our last breath" Mingyu who is thirty years old scolded her.

Evelyn chuckled with tears in her eyes. She miss these people but she is helpless.

These five friends of her don't at all like Austin, whom she loves to her life.

Her relationship with him is still the secret even to these people. If they will find out they will surely help her maternal family to marry her to someone simple.

But she love Austin so much that she is even ready to hide the things from these people who are like her own family. All they know is that she went to country X just to spend a long year with her paternal family.

If she would have told them she might have found out how bad and cunning Austin is. She would have already found out that he is cheating on her.

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