129 Gift from family...

Everyone knows him as the cold and aloof person but he is jovial and playful just like Jasper. As Jasper use to stay more with his sister, he has his brother in law's influence on him.  His character mostly resembled his brother in law's.  

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Jasper got his romantic and understanding nature from Scott….even the patience level and cool nature when they are with their women...he learnt it from Scott. 

Just like his sister Jean, Biyu is short tempered and sometimes very stubborn. She never listens to anyone if she decides something just like Biyu.

But that is not a problem for Jasper because his brother in law will surely give him same pointers and suggestions how to cool them. 

This is a secret between them, but Scott is romantic adviser for Jasper right now. 

"I had enough of teasing in one day" Jasper pouted making everyone laugh again. 

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