205 Four options for her to chose

"Ahh….this is surely Grammies idea" Biyu whispered and her cheeks blushed. 

Applying the cream to her body and taking some care of her face, Biyu got ready. 

She once again looked at her reflection and she couldn't help but blush. She never wore such a dresses before. 

And, then the clock ticked. Biyu bit her lip. 


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After they ended video conference, Jasper chuckled. 

He slowly made his way to the door and opened it. 

The whole room is dark and Jasper couldn't help but smirk. 

Walking inside in very slow steps Jasper called out loud, "Eve….. baby where are you?" 

Getting no response, Jasper turned on the lights. 

But instead of the lights, the electrical candles decorated all in the room lit up. 

They are faint shade of golden color and it perfectly complimented the black shade of the soft, velvet walls. 

It looked so romantic and it turned him on. 

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