93 First kiss....

Jasper stood up and slowly walked towards Biyu who is none other than the love of his life. 

Meanwhile, Biyu couldn't help but look at him with wide eyes. Only she knew how erratic her heart is thumping now...

And, she couldn't help but hold her breath all again….

Seeing him come near to her by every passing second, unexplainable emotions crashed through her heavy heart and it started feeling more and more heavy. Her lips trembled making her unable to control her emotions anymore. 

She couldn't hold back her tears anymore and she burst out sobbing while her mind filled with millions of questions. 

Will he forgive her??

Will he accept her?? 

What if he denies her love??

Will she able to live anymore??

As Jasper closed in, her eyes gave off everything. He clearly understood what is going in that mind of her. 

If she is really his Biyu…. He exactly knows what she would be thinking now. He could read her like an open book and even she knows it. 

She is after all his silly yet incredibly genius girl!!

Jasper stopped just three inches from her and he looked into her eyes….as if he can see through her soul. 

For him she is now looking like Biyu itself but not Linda. He can see his Biyu in Linda and it is because Biyu's powerful aura has long back dominated the fading essence of Linda. 

It is just that it is undetectable for him till now.

She just looked like Linda just by her appearance. 

But their love is already far beyond the physical love and external appearance. What matters for him is her love, her soul and her pure heart….which haven't changed even by single bit. 

As both of them have already faced the pain of missing each other and as they were also aware of how torturous it will be to feel that longing for someone in their life….they don't want it anymore. It truly feels as if part of their soul is missing. 

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And, after going through this rough and bumpy road, they are very desperate for each other and have long back learned how valuable their love together is….

It is not something they will willingly miss again…

So, for Jasper it really doesn't matter about appearance nor about how the outer world know her as. For him, she is his Biyu whom he is missing so dearly since many months. 

Taking both of her cold and shivering hands into his, Jasper gently squeezed them, passing his warmth into her. 

"Biyu" he called her so calmly, just like a whisper. But it is so dripping with love and tenderness which are exclusively only for her. 

It is only when Biyu blinked her eyes and looked at him. She was in no situation to talk so, she could only hum as her response. 

"Hmm." she meekly hummed. 

"Breath first…you silly" Jasper chuckled. He could see that she is nervous and little bit hesitant. She is not comfortable with something unlike how she was back then. 

And, he exactly knew why….

So, though he is very emotional now, he controlled it to give her some time to become normal from her dazed state. 

It is only when Biyu exhaled and took breath again. She continued it till her heart felt light

And, the way he had called her was enough for her to tell that he forgave her. 

So, it erased half of her tension. 

She smiled a little, with her eyes still brimmed with tears. She can see that he is waiting for her to say something. After all, communication is a two-way process and it is one and only thing that could clear everything between them. 

"Jasper, will you forgive me for what I did?" Biyu asked. Her voice cracked and her throat felt dry. 

Jasper smiled and leaned his forehead against her forehead. "Aren't my eyes enough to tell you that?" he asked teasing her a little just like he usually does. 

Biyu smiled again. She couldn't help but remember many occasions when he had told her the same words back before her reincarnation. 

"You never change" Biyu laughed a little as she sobbed and wiped her teas that are threatening to escape her red yes. 

"And so is my love for you Eve" Jasper said and abruptly sealed her lips with his….shocking everyone including Biyu. 

He already took his decision to never leave such a wonderful and loving woman just because of some trivial matters. If he would have did it, there is nothing else in this world for which he would have regretted more. 

Whatever he is doing now, he is one million percent sure that he would never regret it. In fact, he is very, very thankful to god for granting him with this precious second chance in love. 


Meanwhile outside the room….

Liam is grinning like a fool while Mingyu is wiping his tears away. 

Both were so emotional to see the moment for which they have badly hoped for. 

Even Feng who is little callous by nature felt his eyes burn with tears. He is so happy that his sister will be getting her love back…. that too after struggling this much. If there are really someone who deserves this happiness, it is indeed his sister. 

Meanwhile, Su Ming is hugging her husband as she sobbed into his white shirt, it's been really many, many days she saw her little sister Biyu this happy. 

"I almost can't believe that this isn't a dream. Baby, pinch me" Su Jun asked his wife. 

Su Ming chuckled as she pinched his hard on his waist. 

Liam chuckled. "I told you that it is the least thing you have to worry about. From now, you should worry that you will get a competition on serving the dog food" he teased. 

"Even you have girlfriend. So, it applies for both of us" Su Jun chuckled. 

Everyone laughed but all of their eyes are brimmed with happy tears. 

"Let's go and give them some privacy to talk. It isn't completed yet and they have much more to talk and clear some air between them" Feng said. Which is indeed true. 

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