41 Finding the truth 2

Austin stopped what he is doing and looked at Catherine. 

"As he is here now…. we must use that to our advantage. He is not powerful here as much as he is in country X…. we can't even touch a single strand of his hair in his country. So, whatever we plan to do…we should do it here in City H and…right in this week." Austin said. 

"Hmm…. we will talk about it later…Now, give me what I want" he growled and flipped Catherine under him who kissed him passionately. 

Sooner their groans and moans made Biyu so nauseous that she deactivated the cam. 

It is very sad that this camera is for one-time use. When it detaches from the device to which it is bugged, it will automatically destroy the device from inside and it only works for next one hour before destroying itself. 

As the monitor went blank Biyu sighed loudly. 

Though she had put on her stoic face, her legs are trembling with fear. She didn't expect the enmity in this level. 

Austin…doesn't only want the information about Council but also want to kill Jasper!! 

She was helping Austin to kill Jasper!! 

As Biyu thought about it her face paled up with fear and her whole body shivered tremendously. 

Her mind is blank and she couldn't even contemplate on what she has to do. 

If something happens to Jasper…. she will be the one to blame. 

After all, she gave the whole information about Jasper to Austin. 

Her eyes blurred with tears and soon, she couldn't breathe properly…. her asthma started to show up. 

Her breath became so haggard to the extent that she couldn't even take a breath through her nose. But she stood still…. her mind clouded with all the negative thoughts. 

She started hating and blaming herself for what all have happened and what is going to happen. 

The thought of not seeing Jasper in front of her...safe and sound, scared the hell out of her life.  

If something happens to him, she can't live. Her guilt and heart break will kill her.

Thinking all this she panted with lack of breath….and she is in no situation to search for her inhaler. 

But thank god that her nerd friend installed an automatic robot to supply an asthma machine to her. She felt little better after that but she soon slept. 


Meanwhile at Linda's side… 

At afternoon she got another message asking her to come to paradise hotel. A table is already booked and the pass is sent to her by the letter. 

She wondered who this person is. From past one week she has been getting these types of invitations and nothing happened though she visited those places. 

At first, she thought of ignoring it but her guts insisted her to go. She couldn't help but feel a premotion that something big is going to happen. 

So, she went to the hotel and sat down in the appointed table. When she was wondering who called her…. she saw a person whom she never expected to see on the first place. 

He said that he is going to his parent's house!!

But here he is with the same girl who have visited his office at the morning. 

William Ye…her fiancee and her soon to be husband came with Zhou Biyu. 

It looked like they were in a date…

He was all smiling and occasionally flirting with her. That smile…. she knew that smile. 

It was the same reason she fell for him. His charming smile that would take her breath away. The same sweet words which made her so attracted to him. 

The same look which made her fall head over heels in love with him. 

He is showing all those to Biyu too… 

She is terribly heart broken and sat there rooted. She wanted to question him right there itself but Biyu left all in sudden. 


"Hi baby" William Ye said as soon as he saw her sitting on the couch of her house. 

Actually, he had a plan to accompany Biyu but she left him abruptly. Her sexy and appealing looks totally made him crazy but after she left the hotel, he couldn't control it. 

He wanted to go to his mistress but she is off the city for her photo shoot. 

All he could do is to return to Linda. 

He straightly went and kissed her on her lips…. his hands are already pushing her clothes up. 

But Linda is totally not in mood to do that let alone compile to all his wishes. She restrained and pulled him away. 

"I am on my period" she lied. 

She doesn't want him to get disappointed that she is not reciprocating his feelings…nor she wanted to suspect him. 

He promised her that they will get married as soon as this project complete. She trusts him…

Biyu…. might be one of the blind dates his family arranged. 

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In fact, it might be true because he told her that he will be going to his parent's house at dinner. 

He would have gone there and they might have insisted him to take Biyu out. As he didn't have any option, he would have brought her together with him. 

And someone who wants to break their love might have tried to frame him up. 

But who was it?? 

"Oh…. periods? It's okay" William pouted.  

Maybe he should ask his clients to send some call girls to his flat….

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