40 Finding out the truth 1

It is only when she will be able to take a proper payback. 


After forty-five minutes… 

Biyu reached a villa. It look quite normal from outside but when one will see the interior version of it, they will surely gape in wonder.

It is totally made up of advanced technology and it had everything related to Biyu. It is her own place which she only uses for her solo tasks.  

It is actually her play ground. 

A play ground to enhance her skills in tech and hacking skills. 

Parking her car inside, she swiftly went upstairs to her main working space. It is filled with monitors and it even has some electronic devices that are still under testing. Not many of the people know about her hobbies. 

Unlike other girls who loves to shop and rest, she's different. She likes to use her tech skills to invent her own designs. Whenever she is free, she would give it a try. 

Not many of these models will succeed but she has a friend who help her. He is basically a nerd who likes to spend all his time in doing this. 

As soon as she went in, the first thing she did is to check whether everything is perfectly locked up or not. 

Then she went to the monitors and activated the secret cameras and audio device that are connected to the recent tablet she gave Austin. 

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That is the tab in which she gave him the partial information she found. Previously, she never even thought of spying on him or doing something behind his back. 

She wanted to trust him completely…

However, this time she is very worried…. very worried if he is actually planning to hurt Jasper rather than just knowing information about Council. 

And that is the reason she installed these in it. But she never planned on using it…. because she doesn't want to spy on Austin and make it look like she is suspicious of him. 

It is just for backup usage. 

But without knowing, she started giving more priority to Jasper rather than Austin. This is what they call true love right...the feelings she has been feeling for Jasper is called love. 

Biyu smiled sadly and her eyes blurred with tears. 

She is really unlucky…

She had betrayed her true love just to help someone against him. However, she even knows that she doesn't deserve a good person like Jasper. He is already in love with another woman. 

Biyu wiped her tears off and pursed her lips. As she's the one who started this, she will end all this mess. 

For what she did now….is to redeem it, she will help Jasper in getting his Linda. 

He once told her that if someone love a person deep from their heart, they will do anything to make that person happy. They should be willing to sacrifice anything…

Taking a deep breath, Biyu looked into the monitor. The tab she gave to Austin is not a simple one. 

It can destroy by itself and delete everything stored inside.  It also has a secret flying Cam. 

It is a mini cam drone her friend helped her with. He did the assembling part and she did the programming. And it also has a voice recorder. 

Without any hesitation Biyu activated that flying camera. As soon as she did that, the tab created its own virus and destroyed all the files in it. 

Like this she might have deleted half the information she gave to Austin but she knows him too well. He might have already saved them in other devices too. 

But for now, she wants to know what Austin in up to. First of all, she has to find out what his real intentions are….

According to that she will decide what she has to do….

As the flying cam which almost look like a tiny insect, reached the first floor…. Biyu concentrated on sneaking it inside Austin's room. 

As soon as it entered through the small gap, all Biyu could hear is the faint panting sounds of a woman and a man. 

She might have not indulged in all these things, but she knew this sound. They are fucking each other moaning mess. 

It is indeed that bitch Catherine. 

A bitch and a Bastard…. what a perfect combination!!!

Biyu laughed bitterly as she scoffed. 

"Look at yourself Evelyn…. you are such a fool blinded by that idiot's sweet talking. And here he is enjoying with that slut" she whispered to herself. 

Taking her mobile she messaged Austin. Texting that she missed him and love him so much. 

When the mobile beeped from Austin's side….

Catherine laughed. "Your slut texted" she mocked Austin. 

Whereas Austin didn't even care about it. He shrugged and buried himself again in Catherine. "You handle that vixen. I don't have time now" he smirked and bit her neck. 

Catherine chuckled devilishly and texted her back.

After texting…. she looked at Austin and called him with her voice dripping with honey. 

"Austin... When will you end that Jasper and let me vent out my anger on Biyu. I can't wait anymore to see the expression of that slut after finding out that you are using her. Such a foolish innocent girl…she didn't even suspect anything about you" Catherine laughed. 

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