231 Final battle 1

"Day after tomorrow. Our forces from underworld have already started. We should just make sure our council teams will not get spotted by Martin when we enter his territory" Jasper told.

"Jas, I want to help you guys too" Brina asked.

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This time, Jasper didn't deny.  "You weren't allowed to enter the fields but you have sit in our safe house and leas the tech teams" Jasper said. 

Brina nodded her head, agreeing with him. 

Though she wants to kill that bastard Martin by herself, she couldnt risk going into the battle. 

She should also think about the baby in her stomach. 

If something happens to the tiny life…

Even that thought made her shiver. 

That night, Jasper and Biyu made love as it was the last night they would be spending before facing the enemies. 

Though Martin has lost all his backup plans and doesn't know about the danger that is marching right into the heart of his white shadow organization, they are still afraid. 

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