69 Even your name contains me...

"Sir, we have started invstigating Ms. Zhou's death. It might look like an accident but we have found some minor trails that proved that her death is actually a planned murder." A person from other side spoke. 

They were the same people from council whom his sister sent for him. They are indeed very capable….

"Did you find any major hint that might lead us to the culprit?" Jasper asked with his fist clenched. So, Liam is right. 

His Eve was murdered!!

The thought of them…. being someone opposite to council made him tremble with anger. If those people who have killed her are from councils' enemies….it will really make him die with guilt. Indirectly, he will be the reason she is killed. 

"Sir, we indeed tried our level best…. but whoever that person is…. he is utterly cautious. They are no ordinary…. sir" 

Jasper's expression darkened. He couldn't help but think who that people can be…

Are they someone opposite to council or someone from Eve's side? There is a chance for that too…

"Do one thing. Split into two groups...one group should continue the investigation. Meanwhile, I want another group to look into Evelyn's past. How is she before coming to country X and all about her connections with other people around her. If they succeeded in killing her this accurately…. they must be aware of everything related to her. So, there are chances that this person whoever killed her….is someone close to her." Jasper said. 

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"But I want it to go smooth and quiet. No one should find out that we are investigating about Evelyn's past." With the last command, Jasper ended the call. 

"Evelyn Zhou Biyu.... even your name contains me. Biyu…. the precious stone called Jasper" Jasper smiled as he saw the English meaning of Biyu. 

Biyu means Jasper in English. Isn't it their destiny? 

"But…you are not there in my life. How good it would have been if you are there beside me" Jasper smiled sadly as he skimmed his fingers on outline of Evelyn's face on the photo they once took together. 

Later, he went back to his room to sleep. 

Not too far away from him…. Biyu stood as she eavesdropped his conversation. Her eyes are misted with tears and her lips trembled with complex emotions. 

How much should he be loving her!! 

His voice and face gave off…how valuable she is too him. 

She couldn't help but agree that it moved her heart deep. She doesn't know whether she loved him before reincarnation or not…. but now, she fell for him.

 How pure his love for her should be that he didn't let go of her even after she died. 

He has never changed his mind even though he found Linda. He stood loyal to Biyu. 

Getting such a person is very rare...and when you get an opportunity you should not let go it. You must cherish it. 

"I think…. even I love you Jas…. before I died" Biyu murmured softly as her tear rolled down her cheek. But her eyes zoomed on the photo Jasper left earlier on the table. 

Moving to the table, she took it. 

It is a simple photo of herself before reincarnation. She is sitting in her gym clothes and she has her tongue stuck out….as if teasing someone. Jasper is the one who is taking selfie. Even he is in his gym clothes and he has his tongue stuck out too. They both are teasing each other like kids….

So friendly

So happy….

Biyu closed her eyes are tried to remember that day. But all she could remember is the vague movements she spent with Jasper in gym…. training together, competing with each other….

The parts of her memory are making her more restless. It is making her anxious….

Biyu couldn't help but hope that her memories will come back soon. With the same heavy heart, she returned back to her house. 

After freshening up, she called her cousin brother Feng. 

Her appointment with doctor is fixed for next day morning. She knows that doctor, he is the most famous psychologist around the globe. He will be having answers why she can't unlock Linda's particular memories….and also why she couldn't remember only six months of her life. 


The following day....

"Blake is waiting inside. You are really lucky that he is my friend and you got his appointment really soon" Feng flaunted. 

He looked a lot better and happy. Its like his heart is cured….

"Stop flaunting brother. I know him well too…. he had crush on me in our teenage remember." Biyu joked as she went inside. 

A handsome, tall man is sitting peacefully. His face is glowing with aura that could make others feel that he is totally charming. 

"Feng, is she the beautiful lady you are talking about? She looks a way more familiar…" Drake chuckled. 

He saw her for few moments and chuckled again. "Ms. Linda, the most famous model. Hmm…. it's been long we have seen you" he chuckled again. 

Biyu couldn't help but get shocked. Man!! She is in disguise so no one will recognize her…. but this man…. he just saw her for few moments and peeled off her secret. 

"Hmm…. you are good at this man. Yes, she is Linda….and she is actually my adopted cousin. You remember my sister Biyu right? Linda is adopted sister of Biyu and she was in country X till now…. she had an accident and she lost some of her memories" Feng quickly covered up. 

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