21 Evelyn helps Jasper to find Linda

"Why didn't you tell us that you are coming? We would have gathered up in some good place or somewhere rather than this boring base of us" Mingyu, who is like her brother asked.

"I didn't think much either. This day before yesterday I felt like I am missing you guys so I came" Biyu(Evelyn) said.

"But, why didn't I get to know when you are flying here? I had the whole airport's database under the watch" Mingyu asked as he escorted her upstairs.

This is his own consultancy he started by his own. Besides this, he have his father's company to take care of.

"Every flight is already booked so Jasper offered his private jet. Because of his VIP allowance, it was not stored in database. What about you… you still didn't find your enemy?" Biyu giggled.

"That idiot isnt leaving the country only!! It's boring to play hide and seek. So, I decided to go with our usual methods." he laughed.

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"Anyway, I already called Jun and Ming. They will come to the our hotel. Let's go there" he said.

"No. I actually wanted to ask you guys a favor. It's better they come here" Biyu (Evelyn) said.

"Favor from us? Anything for you sis….you just have to order" Mingyu smiled.

This made her even more guilty. She is hiding many things for them just because Austin asked her to. But here they are…..loving her like always.

"Thanks bro" she hugged him and a tear formed at a corner of her eyes.

"Is everything fine Biyu? Are you sure that you don't need our help in finding out who attacked you on the day you landed? How's council and is Jasper good to you. I heard that he is cold and aloof" Mingyu asked. He was on roll, asking her questions non stop.

"Brother…brother…please don't worry. I am good and I will handle everything. About Jasper….he is not at all like how you guys think him as. Well, to others he is like that but after we become friends he is exceptionally caring and attentive. He is good and cute…" Biyu answered.

"Cute? Caring? That's it. No any budding romance" he teased.

Evelyn rolled her eyes but she blushed a little. To be frank this idea never passed her mind.

The day she first met him, she had only one goal in her mind and didn't feel that first impression every girl will have on a boy as soon as she see him.

For her, he was a mission Austin assigned to her. Moreover, she already has a boyfriend to even think of Jasper in that way. As he was cold and emotionless with her in the first days she didn't like him much too.

But as soon as she started to develop the good impression on him, he told her about his love. Having their own loves already…none of them thought in that way.

If that wasn't the case, they surely would have fell for each other.

But, on the first place that thought never crossed their minds….and along with this, their minds are already accustomed to love the person whom they are currently in love with.

But she couldn't deny that there is something special about Jasper in her heart.

"Don't over think brother. Jasper is already having a girlfriend all right. And that is the reason I asked you for a favor" Biyu said.

"You want to break them apart and hook up with him. Sis?.." he is about to continue but she smacked him hard on his arm.

"I might be selfish, stubborn, arrogant….but I am not heartless. I will never break the two hearts apart" Biyu said, emotions clearly dancing in her eyes.

"You are talking like you are in love" Mingyu noted.

"Brother, will you support me if I tell you that I love someone. Or will you tell my Feng Gege" she asked.

Feng is her cousin from maternal family with whom she talked in the phone some days back.

He is in fact, the person who thought her everything irrespective of how much her maternal family pampered her. He paved a good path for her and meeting these people was one of the step in it.

"If that person is good I will support you Biyu. But if I think he is not good enough to you I will tell to your Gege and get you married to the person your family selects" Mingyu said half mockingly.

Even before they could continue their chatter, her other two friends who are already married couple came.

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