23 Evelyn found where Linda is

Later Austin didn't dare to make a move. If she starts suspect something, it would be problematic for him to extract information from her.

He just held her in his arms because she asked him to. Otherwise he would have went away…..after all, he just came to taste her.

All the night, he didn't forgot to sweet talk her. He understood that she changed a little bit

She is not the love sick fool he knew once.

"You just want to know about Council right? But why? According to what I saw till now I think they are good people" Biyu said.

"I don't know Biyu. You know that I work for a person right….he just gave me that task and I have to complete it" Austin lied.

"You won't hurt my uncle and Jasper right?" she asked.

She will die with regret it something happens to them because of her.

At first, all she cared is about her uncle but now she is worried about Jasper too.

In very short span of time he became very dear to her.

Austin smirked inside. She is really too good and sometimes innocent. Because of her love for him she couldn't see past his façade.

He sent her there because he wanted to use her to kill Jasper.

"Hmm…sleep. You must be tired because jet lag and moreover even I have meeting to attend tomorrow" Austin skillfully diverted the topic and kissed her forehead.


At midnight….

Austin woke up when Evelyn's phone started buzzing. He annoyingly looked at the woman and peeked at it which is on the beside table at her side.

Private number.

He couldn't help but wonder who that person could be?

But when he touched the phone and used his thumb on sensor it failed to open. He use to have the access to everything that belongs to her.

He frustratingly looked at her and he couldn't help but have an urge to punish her to her death.

However he knew that he couldn't do it. He wanted to taste her before she die but he failed to accomplish it.

Totally angered he left the house. He needs his Catherine now….she will exactly know how to cool him down.

After he left, Biyu woke up some time later.

Her mobile has been buzzing ever since.

She groggily sat down and first looked for Austin. Seeing th place beside her empty she fished out her another phone, hacked the surveillance.

After making sure he went out of her apartment complex she answered the call.

She didn't know why but she had this thing in her heart that….she felt a bad omen and decided not to reveal her relationship with Mingyu and Su couple.

"What is it?" she asked as soon as she answered her phone.

"We found Linda" Mingyu said.


"Oh god!! It took so long then expected" Su Jun sighed.

"We don't know why but tracking this girl is the toughest thing we did after very long." his wife Ming wiped off her imaginary sweat from her forehead.

"But that was challenging too. We enjoyed it" Mingyu grinned as he moved his glasses little up with his finger.

"I missed it then. I would have joined with you…..anyway, tell me about her and did you make a file related to her. I need to give it to Jasper" Biyu asked. She just came to their consultancy/base.

"Linda Jones. She use to live in city Z" Jun said.

"City Z? Is she somehow into the Entertainment industry?" Biyu asked.

She actually wanted to become a model but her maternal family didn't allow her. They are very protective of her that they are afraid to expose her to that dark world.

"Yeah. You are right…..she is actually A grade model" Mingyu answered.

"Former queen of modellings industry and the actress" Su Ming corrected him.

"That famous…huhhh" Biyu asked.

"Ugh… 'Former'. She is no more a model now. It's been almost two years she totally retired from it. Since then none of the paparazzi nor any reporters found where she is….." Su Jun said.

"So, where is she now?" Biyu asked. She started getting interested in Linda.

Which sane person would retire that too when her fame is in highest peaks? She was moreover a actress who won one of the prestigious award...but she didn't come to receive it!! Who the hell will do that?

There should be some history behind it. Something very important and serious.

"She is in City H now." All of them said at the same time.

Biyu froze and looked at three of them.

"It's my city….my maternal family live there" she said and he lower lip trembled.

"It is our city." Three of them emphasized.

It is the neighborhood city of this city and it will hardly take one hour from here. City Z is famous for entertainment industry while City H is full of companies and multi national corporations.

"But what happened to her that she left her career and vanished from industry?" Biyu asked. "Why did she shift to city H all in sudden?" she whispered to herself.

Looks like Jasper should overcome many obstacles for his love.

Her life doesn't seem simple at all and other thing that bothered her is...who is this person that hid her information when Jasper searched for her.

And, even for her friends Who are very pro in tracking the people….it took almost seven to eight hours.

"Biyu...Linda is not as simple as you think. Moreover we have bad news" Mingyu said as he made her sit on the sofa.

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"And, that is?" she asked.

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