111 Elegance and grace....

The next morning both of them have woke up late. However, Jasper is the first one to wake up. 

He made breakfast for Biyu and then kissed her goodbye, before rushing to his office. He is late than his usual schedule, yet, he didn't forget to give orders to the stylists he arranged for Biyu. 

It is her first appearance and he wants everything to be in next level for her. 

Meanwhile, after Biyu woke up, the first thing she checked is her vanity table. She thought that there would be a letter from Linda or something like that. 

However, she is greeted with nothing. Linda didn't leave her any letter this time. 


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Soon, the afternoon passed by and it is time for the banquet. 

Biyu is dressed in her dream dress and her stylists did a magic on her. 

She is looking gorgeous and very stunning. 

As for the stylists, they have worked with Linda many times before and they knew that she is a natural beauty. 

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