127 Don't get distracted

He just want the time to freeze now, so they can enjoy their company forever like this. But he knew that there is something big they both have to face. 

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Meanwhile, the party is downstairs while these couple are still sitting in the balcony upstairs. When he brought her to the entrance of mansion, he used the first floor garden entrance. So, when they came, no one took notice of their arrival. 

"Henpecked and shameless? Jas, are you going to prove yourself different from them?" Biyu asked, challenging him. She will not allow it of course. She loved this version of him… happy and carefree. 

Jasper nodded his head big NO. "Of course a big no, baby. I got influenced by them…then…how can I be any different." he pouted. 

Meanwhile, Biyu laughed at his cute words. So, he got his shamelessness from them. As he grew up surrounded by the newly wed romantic couples, their shamelessness is thoroughly rubbed on Jasper. 

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