118 Do I have a choice??

He wants to dance with Linda and in addition to it, he must find who is the adopted cousin of Zhou Feng. 

"Son, Son…. look there!! Feng and his mysterious girlfriend sat down beside that woman in red. Even our intel said that Feng's sister is wearing red" his mother beamed excitedly. 

William who is in daze because of the pain,  snapped his head and looked at the direction his mother is hideously pointing. 

As she said, Feng is sitting beside the woman dressed in red. He seems to be sitting quietly but William could see the lips moving. 

It is evident that they are talking!!!

So, this woman who is sitting beside him is none other than the adopted granddaughter of Zhou family. 

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The heiress and the second biggest shareholder in Zhou corps after Zhou Feng. In addition to this, as she is adopted by Biyu's parents that will also make her the heiress of Walkers family. 

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