225 DNA testing.

 "Jason said that he will be back in two hours and went out. Even after coming he was like always, loving and doting. But, at dinner time we stopped by and that was when we had quarrel. One of my fan recognized me and he got super excited that he started acting crazy. Jason somehow didn't like it and eventually our words lead us to fight" Valarie told. 

"Val, is this the first time this happened?" Biyu asked. 

As for what Biyu knows about Jason, he was never like this. 

He is such a sweetheart who never judge something by just seeing it from one point of view. 

"No. Not at all, sister. Jason used to be so supportive with my career. And whenever those type fans used to appear when me and him are together, Jason used to be so understanding, in fact he used to help me in handling them" Valerie told. 

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"I still don't understand why he acted out in impulse" Valerie sobbed. Biyu pursed her lips feeling sad for Valerie. 

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