62 Did you investigate??

(A/N: Guys….as using the bracket system is confusing to the readers. 

From now Zhou Biyu whose English name is Evelyn Walker…..will be called as Evelyn Zhou Biyu. And don't get confused when I use name Linda for her from now on.)

At graveyard…..

It's been exactly three months Evelyn Zhou Biyu died . 

So, Jasper didn't miss visiting her grave. Though they are together for very few days….she really left a great impact on him. So much that his love for her exceeded his love for Linda when they were together. 

Just like before, he brought her favorite chocolates and flowers. After placing them at her tombstone he looked at her name carved on the stone. 

He gently wiped it and pursed his lips. 

"Eve, I do really miss you now. Though Linda is back to me, I couldn't love her in the way I use to. There is no single day I didn't think about you…..this had never happened to me in my life. Not even when Linda left me. But with you it is totally different" he pursed his lips. 

"I guess this is what they call true love. We didn't like each other at our first sight…we use to bicker a lot but in only one incident we started becoming good friends. You helped me at my lowest and you even helped me to get close to Linda. But I am such a fool not to realize that we grew closer to each other." He poured all his thoughts and feelings. 

At first when he came to her tombstone, he just knew that he love her. But in this three months without her taught him how much she meant to him. 

It doesn't matter if she is really listening to him or not. But he must voice out all his feelings and distress that got accumulated in his heart. 

"There is no day I didn't blame myself. If I was in the penthouse that day, this accident would have never happened. I use to think that it was all my fault. But Eve, I think yours is a planned murder. If it is, then I am not going to leave even a single soul who did this to you...who did this to us" Jasper promised her. 

If she is alive, they would have really become a couple by now. Might be as lovey dovey as Alex and Liam. Even their families would have been happy. 

But alas!!! His life was never easy nor simple. It is full of mysteries and surprises. 

"Eve, I promise you that I will avenge you. I will not let go of them till they pay for their sins. What did you do that they killed you…..you don't deserve it" his heavy and sad voice even made the sky cry. 

In no time, it started pouring so badly. 

He smiled sadly and wiped her name on the tomb for one last time and kissed it. 

"Our first kiss I guess" he laughed at his own pity and stood up. "I love you Eve" he whispered and vanished into the heavy mist. 

Not too far from him, stood a girl. She just came, when the rain started pouring. 

Though the face of the person is not clear and can't be seen at all,  she saw him kiss the tomb stone and caress it. 

By his gestures, she can tell that he really love her a lot. 

He is genuine and caring..  

Linda looked at the person's back, helpless and confused. She don't remember any one who love her this much apart from her grandparents and brother. 

So, who exactly is this new person?? 

Who is he to her??? 

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Did she fell in love with any person in this six months of time?? 

At first, she thought that it was her brother Feng. But his body posture is different from this man. 

It can't be Mingyu or Su Jun either…

So, is it Austin!!! 

She remember him proposing her before six months. 

Can it be him?? 

But why is her heart know otherwise…


"Sir, we spotted Jasper near Zhou Biyu's tomb this morning. He was there for very long time. Though we wanted to look into it further, his elite team is surrounding him" a subordinate told Austin. 

As he expected….Jasper indeed visited her. 

So, they both fell in love before Biyu got died… 

What a pitiful love…

"Anything more?" Austin asked with a small smile plastered to his face. 

He has perfect plan this time. He don't want to get humiliated again… 

"There was a woman who was standing not far from him. She has been watching him" subordinate said. 

"Hmm...who is she?" Austin asked all surprised. 

"Apparently, she seems to be Jasper's first love Sir. Biyu sent a photo remember? Her face matched that woman from that picture" his subordinate answered politely. 

"Hmm… interesting. He got busted caring for Biyu…wow. It's going to be fun" Austin laughed. 

He don't know how deep and sincere Jasper will be if he start loving a person. So, he thought that Jasper fell in love with his first love again. 

"Did you do an investigation about his first love?" Austin asked. 

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