82 Did she reincarnate??

Heaving a sigh, she made her way to the bedroom. But all of a sudden she heard some sound and her eyes couldn't help but widen with realization.

She sprinted to the door but it was already late…..as house reverberated with gunshots. 

Even the guards who have to follow them were stationed outside the residences. As Alex and Liam wanted a normal life, they couldn't help but make the guards be outside. 

Guards are not allowed to come inside….


At Jasper's side….

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He already took notice if the intruders as soon as he entered the study room. However, even before he can react accordingly, the enemies barged inside and started shooting.

With his quick instincts, he swiftly pushed the table down so that it's upper surface is facing the enemies.  He hid behind it while he rushed his gun from his pocket.

He didn't forget to send an alert signal to his team which is waiting at outside of residences. They will at most take ten minutes to come…. and in meanwhile, he can easily handle these people but he is worried about Linda who is in the bedroom.

He is aware that she lacks self-defense skills and never intended to learn them. Except for fencing she, doesn't know anything.

What if they harm or kill her??

He couldn't take that guilt. 

The enemies started to fire again but Jasper skillfully dodged them as he shot two persons in their head. 

However…..exactly at that moment, Biyu entered the room. She is very concerned for him that she came inside. 

"Fuck, why did she come. She should have hidden somewhere or escaped." He cursed. 

He quickly came out from his hiding spot and shot the person who was about to target her. 

While his attention is on saving the defenseless, foolish muddle-headed girl…..she is equally focused on observing whether he is safe or not. 

As soon as she took notice that he is physically safe, Biyu sighed in relief. However, her hawk-like eyes zoomed on the hidden assassin who is targeting Jasper. 

Her eyes turned chilly and she grabbed the n by the enemy at lightning speed. She twisted his arm and kicked him in his abdomen before paralyzing him with the short poisoned knife she hid in her top.  

As he groaned in pain, in that exact second she snatched his gun and shot the hidden assassin.   

After he fell down, she didn't stop but continued shooting the enemies in point blank as she quickly hid behind the wall.

Meanwhile, Jasper is so, so bewildered bewilderment stunned that he almost forgot in which circumstances he was in. 

He is partly surprised because he didn't expect Linda to know how to fight. Not only did she defend herself but saved him as well. 

She is very good at it as if this was the normal thing she always does. There was no fear nor nervousness in her face….she is calm and also excited!!

It made him remember Biyu. Even she loves these adventures…..she was never afraid to do all these things. But in turn, she love to fight. 

She is a little devil for whim he fell…..

But…..but, he didn't expect that this would resemble in Linda too….who was actually like an opposite pole. 

Even her techniques of fighting and handling the enemies are quite similar to Biyu's. That stabbing with knife…..paralyzing the enemies and using that as distraction…..it is so, so Biyu type. 

Why on the hell are they so similar…??

Are they really sisters just like how Blake said.....

But he knew that it is just next to impossible. 

Or did she reincarnate…well, he knew that it is a perspective of his? 

"Are you planning to stay like this forever??" Biyu asked him. She knew exactly what he us thinking. 

She will not deny the fact that she did it intentionally. She wants him to see the undeniable resemblance between her past self and present self as Linda. 

She can't possibly lose him just because she is in new a body….  

Meanwhile, Jasper got pulled out of his reverie, when he noticed that Linda is just hiding in the same spot as he was. 

The enemies are too many that they have to act fast.  He momentarily ignored his wavering thoughts and focused on killing enemies…just like what Linda is doing. 

She is no less than him….

Though he is little more perfect than her, she is still far above the ordinary. And, he didn't fail to notice the teamwork between them. 

They were fighting together, in perfect harmony among each other as if this was their one of many fights together. 

He and Biyu once faced this sudden attack while coming back from work together. He still remembers the synchrony between them. 

Now….it quite resembled that incident. 

These many similarities between the two people are not possible right!!

But, he is seeing it with his own eyes…..

After five minutes….

The enemies are down except for one person who is all along standing cautiously in the dark. He is like a shadow of dark…almost impossible to get noticed. 

So, when Biyu and Jasper put down their guards a little but, he instantly attacked. 

And, Biyu was the first to notice it. Jasper is too busy scrutinizing the dead people for proof. So, when she noticed….she didn't hesitate to push him down and take a bullet. 

It hit her on her shoulder as she tried to dodge it. However, a wall just beside her didn't let her move away. 

She hissed and her scarf which is hugging right to her face loosened and it slipped down. Making the enemy take notice of the gorgeous face. 

And as soon as he did, his eyes widened into pure shock….he is about to tell something but Biyu who is agitated shot him directly in the middle of his forehead. 

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