34 Deeply worried about Biyu

But as soon as he saw her….everything flooded back into his mind. But all those memories no longer felt real…..


William stood up and welcomed them. His gaze automatically fell on Jasper because of his extraordinary charm.

For a split of a second he almost thought that he is Biyu's boyfriend. But he remembered the reason why this person came here to join.

He is here to reconcile with his lover who is an employee here.

That means he is not Biyu's boyfriend. But their closeness spoke otherwise…

While William welcomed them, Linda looked at the people who entered the room….and disturbed her precious time with her fiancee.

He was talking about their marriage but these people disturbed them.


When Jasper felt her eyes on him, he tensed up. It's been very long time since he met her and she seemed totally different.

She is not active and energetic like before….and there was no smile on her face.

Even her face changed a lot. She is not the innocent, cute and adorable girl he once knew.

His Linda is now replaced by the more mature and serious looking woman. She is way more beautiful now and she can easily attract any men's attention.

But Jasper is not the person who love a person based on their look. What matter is their heart and character.

However that doesn't apply for Linda. After seeing her, that too after this long he felt a sudden emotions surged up in his heart. She is after all his first love and the woman with whom he filled his heart with.

Meanwhile, Linda looked at two of them indifferently and her eyes got narrowed at Biyu.

She saw her somewhere…

Though she couldn't remember where….the only thing that made her uncomfortable with Biyu is that William is smiling all cheerfully at her.

Sighing deeply for overthinking all again she calmed her nerves and looked at William.

"Mr. Ye, the meeting will start in twenty minutes" she politely said.

"Ms. Jones, why don't you show our new director where his chamber is. As there is a meeting in twenty minutes can you brief it to him" William asked.

He is very cautious not to give away his relationship with his personal secretary. But for now, he wanted to talk with Biyu privately.

Try to win her with his charm…

Meanwhile, Jasper and Linda who are oblivious of William's thoughts agreed without any hesitation.

"I will meet you at evening Eve. Take care" Jasper said.

After they became close to each other…Jasper got habituated to call her Eve while she got comfortable with Jas.

They both were totally comfortable with each other and even without their consent they started having feelings for each other.

But Jasper's mind is set on Linda while Biyu's on Austin.

Both were searching for their love, even without realizing that they had it in front of their eyes itself.

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"Bye you too." Biyu smiled widely at Jasper.

However for William it felt like they are lovers who are very reluctant to leave each other.

From the past one month they both have been inseparable, really enjoying each others company…..and that closeness came naturally.

"You both seems so close Ms. Zhou." William voiced out his question.

"Yeah. We are close…." Biyu smiled. She is still in thinking of the moment when Jasper sweetly told her to take care.

It somehow triggered the strange feelings in her heart.

"Close? Are you in love…..? The look on your face…" William stopped in middle realizing what he was doing.

He can't enquire her like a husband. She will get freaked out because of his possessiveness…

When Biyu heard this words froze.


Is the feelings she is now having for Jasper….is it called love?

How her body gets heated even for his mere hand touch and how his words always reach into her heart…..giving her the secured and warmth feeling….is this what they call as love?

Well, she is confused. But she is sure of one thing.

They are not meant to love each other. If anyone could compare them with anything they can compare them with day and night.

They are like a day and night, if one comes the other must go...both can't co-exist

Though she already realized that she is doing a grave mistake by betraying him…she couldn't help it.

The damage is already done and there is no way to redeem it.

And that is the reason why she called them as day and night.

Not destined to be together. Love and betrayal can't coexist just like how day and night doesn't coexist.

But she forgot that nothing is impossible. Day and night meet…..and they call it as twilight. Some times betrayal can be turned out into the most powerful relationship too.

In the same way, if they are really meant to be together….the fate itself will bring them together.

Sighing inside, Biyu came out of the thoughts.

She looked at William and stood up.

"Well, I have to go now Mr. Ye…..I just came to drop my friend. I will meet you at evening" she smiled politely and turned around.

But William grabbed her wrist tightly. How can he let her go….he didn't even charm her.

"Ms. Zhou…dinner? You owe me remember" he asked.

Her white wrist reddened under his harsh grip and she winced. He is so harsh and rough….his slender fingers got imprinted on her jade like wrist.

It is only when William realized that he is giving away his true color.

He swiftly loosened his touch and let her hand go.

"I am sorry Ms. Zhou. I am thinking something else that I didn't see what I was doing" he apologized.

Biyu cursed him in her heart and smiled. She is just tolerating this for Jasper….otherwise she would have kicked him in his balls and twisted his hand which touched her.

"Ms. Zhou, to redeem my harsh attitude let me treat you for a meal" he asked as he smiled.

"Sure" she smiled.

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