197 Cute couple

"Honey, I will be the one to walk you through aisle" her grandfather told, wiping away his tears. 

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Mean while her uncle came inside. Smiling at Biyu. 

"I gave a chance to old man. From now on, you will be staying in country X itself….. and I can see you whenever I want. But for them" he stopped in middle. 

"All right, get ready to marry" he chuckled and took her hand before placing it in her grandfather's hand. 

"Though uncle want to walk you through aisle, he sacrificed his wish for me." Her grandfather told patting uncle Zack's shoulders. 

Their misunderstandings and family disputes were sorted off and now, they are good with each other . 

"You nervous, princess" her uncle asked. 

Biyu nodded her head no. "No, I am not nervous, uncle. Since the day I fell in love with Jasper, I am dreaming this day" she told. 

"But, this surprise is what I didn't expect" she said. 

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