157 Cracking Linda's mystery..

Liam sighed and he extended his hand upwards. "She is in contact with me too and it's been two week or so" he said. 

He is the first one with whom Linda came into contact with. 

"And, you didn't even think of telling me?" Alex asked angrily. 

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Jasper sighed looking at his friends who are quarrelling again. 

"Alex, he would have been confused whether to tell or not. How can we expect them to act as if nothing happened and tell us without any hesitation? The woman we thought dead is not dead and she came back to seek revenge. In order to do that, she contacted Liam, Eve and Mei. And, none of us would have expected this outcome so, naturally they needed time to comprehend what happening and how it's happening. We cant just blame them all right" Jasper chided Alex while comforting his woman in his arms. 

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