130 Conversation

"We didn't get enough time to arrange everything. But we did our best" Jeff, Jasper's brother said. 

Jasper opened the box with a click while Biyu leaned on his chest. 

When he opened the box, his lips twitched. He couldn't help but get amused. 

A key!! 

Did they all buy a house for them? But he already has a penthouse, mansion and villa. 


His brother just told him that they arranged something!!

Could it be…?? Jasper chuckled and he looked at his sister and brother in law. They are smiling mischievously. 

Biyu who is still in dilemma of what it could be about asked Jasper after everyone left to give some privacy to couple. 

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"I don't know. We have to go and see" Jasper said but his grin is hard to not get noticed. 

But even before she could ask him FIRGET, Jasper skillfully changed the topic. 

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